Most Searched Real Estate Keywords On Google

Real estate business means the property that consists of land and improvements, which include buildings, fixtures, roads, structures, and utility systems. Property rights give a title of ownership to the land, improvements, and natural resources such as minerals, animals, water, etc.

The real estate business can be divided into many parts like loan servicing, residential and commercial properties. If you are thinking of developing the real estate business in any location and digital marketing of it, then you should have good knowledge about it. Nowadays real estate is a very popular business in the world where a wide range of people wants to live in an apartment or house for rent at affordable prices.

Real estate keywords are the topics that define what your online content is about. People use Real estate keywords to search for the content that they’re interested in, so optimizing your Real estate website or social media for them makes it easier to be found. This helps to drive traffic to your website, resulting in more leads and clients.

Real Estate Keywords On Google

RankReal Estate KeywordsGlobal Monthly Search
1real estate                           33,50,000
2commercial real estate                             1,35,000
3real estate investment trust                             1,10,000
4real estate agency                                 90,500
5real estate agents                                 90,500
6real estate owned                                 60,500
7real estate license                                 49,500
8real estate websites                                 33,100
9real estate investments                                 27,100
10real estate investors                                 27,100
11real estate for sale                                 27,100
12real estate brokerage                                 22,200
13real estate brokers                                 22,200
14real estate news                                 22,200
15real estate companies                                 22,200
16real estate attorney                                 18,100
17real estate lawyers                                 18,100
18real estate listings                                 18,100
19luxury real estate                                 18,100
20real estate developers                                 12,100
21become a real estate agent                                   8,100
22real estate commission                                   6,600
23real estate careers                                   6,600
24real estate market                                   6,600
25real estate development                                   6,600
26real estate business                                   6,600
27real estate lookup                                   6,600
28real estate taxes                                   6,600
29real estate calculator                                   6,600
30real estate commercial                                   6,600
31real estate rentals                                   6,600
32real estate marketing                                   5,400
33real estate law                                   5,400
34real estate ads                                   5,400
35real estate advertising                                   5,400
36real estate broker salary                                   5,400
37best real estate website                                   5,400
38bureau of real estate                                   5,400
39real estate auctions                                   5,400
40real estate blogs                                   5,400
41real estate apps                                   5,400
42real estate flyers                                   4,400
43real estate office                                   4,400
44real estate agencies                                   4,400
45commercial real estate listings                                   4,400
46real estate appraisal                                   4,400
47real estate appraisers                                   4,400
48real estate consultant                                   4,400
49real estate consulting                                   4,400
50real estate app                                   4,400
51real estate books                                   4,400
52real estate sites                                   4,400
53real estate sales                                   4,400
54real estate search                                   4,400
55real estate quotes                                   4,400
56real estate finance                                   3,600
57real estate trainers                                   3,600
58real estate values                                   3,600
59real estate contracts                                   3,600
60real estate institute                                   3,600
61real estate leads                                   2,900
62real estate software                                   2,900
63real estate funds                                   2,900
64real estate investor                                   2,900
65real estate investment group                                   2,900
66real estate investing groups                                   2,900
67real estate investment companies                                   2,900
68real estate investing companies                                   2,900
69online real estate courses                                   2,900
70real estate training                                   2,900

We designed this type of post not only to let users find keywords but to deliver key insights for each keyword so that users, like you, will be able to make sense of what you get and get things done with them.

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