National Emblem of Bangladesh | Symbols of Bangladesh

National Emblem or Coat of Arms is a symbol that represents the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The National Emblem of Bangladesh takes after the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. The designer of the Emblem is Mohammad Idris. The design features national flower shapla (Nymphaea pubescens) resting on the water. Each side of Emblem features an ear of paddy. It has three connected leaves of jute with two stars on each side of the leaves.

The water lily is the country’s national flower and is representative of the many rivers that run through Bangladesh. Rice represents its presence as the staple food of Bangladesh, and for the agriculture of that nation. Above the water, Lily is four stars which represent the four founding principles in the current constitution of Bangladesh of 1972: Nationalism, secularism, socialism, and democracy, and three connected jute leaves.

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