Facts About Tennessee

Facts About Tennessee
  1. Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State because of its high number of volunteers during the War of 1812, specifically at the Battle of New Orleans.


  1. Greeneville, TN has the only monument in the country dedicated to both Union and Confederate soldiers.


  1. Nashville, Tennessee’s capital, is home to the longest-running live radio program in the world. The Grand Ole Opry has been broadcasting every weekend since 1925.


  1. Oak Ridge, TN is known as the Energy Capital of the World for its work on the atomic bomb and continuing research into energy usage.


  1. Tennessee has the 16th largest cattle inventory and the 13th largest beef cow inventory in the United States.


  1. Ober Gatlinburg boasts a huge five-acre artificial skiing surface, making this winter sport possible year-round.


  1. A replica of The Parthenon, the famous ancient Greek building in Athens, Greece, stands in Nashville’s Centennial Park.


  1. The three stars on the Tennessee flag are meant to represent the three Grand Divisions of the state: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee. The white circle that surrounds them represents the unity of the divisions.


  1. The Memphis Cotton Exchange handles roughly one-third of the United States’ entire cotton crop.


  1. Graceland, Elvis’s home in Memphis, is the second most visited home in the country.


  1. Hattie Caraway, a Tennessee native, was the first woman ever to be named a United States Senator. 


  1. Tennessee’s state flower is the iris and its state bird is the Mockingbird.


  1. Nashville, TN is known as Music City and is the country music capital of the world.


  1. Tennessee was admitted as a state on June 1, 1796, making it the 16th state.


  1. Andrew Johnson, a Tennessee native, held every local, state and federal level elective office – including President of the United States. He was also the first president to be impeached.


  1. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed outside the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. The motel has now been preserved as the American Civil Rights Museum.
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