State Capital Of Washington

State Capital Of Washington

Olympia City Is The Official State Capital Of Washington. Olympia City also serves as the administrative seat of Thurston County. The city is located at an altitude of 95 feet above sea level and covers an area estimated at 19.68 square miles, 91% of which island and 9% is covered by water. The population of Washington State Capital Olympia is estimated to be 50,302 as of 2015 and has a population density of 2,685 people per square mile. Olympia has been inhabited by the Lushootseed people for thousands of years. The native community included the Puyallup, Squaxin, Chehalis, Nisqually, Duwamish, and the Suquamish tribes.

The first record of Europe settlers occurred in 1792, when the British Vancouver Expedition, led by Peter Puget, arrived in the area. Levi Smith and Edmund Sylvester both claimed the land that now constitutes Olympia in 1846. By 1851, the US Congress sanctioned the creation of Customs District in Washington Territory, and the population grew over the years when Oregon Trail immigrants settled in the area. The name of State Capital Of Washington Olympia was given to the town in 1850, when Colonel Isaac N. Ebey, a resident, suggested the name because the Olympic Mountains in the northwest were visible from the town. In 1896, the Olympia Brewing Company was established in Olympia, and it brewed the Olympia Beer brand until 2003.

In 1949, a major Earthquake hit Washington State Capital Olympia and destroyed most of the city’s historic buildings. The city was hit again by earthquakes in 1965 and 2001. The Olympia city economy was based on jobs in its port facilities, oyster farming, and lumber-based industries. Today State Capital Of Washington is primarily based on state, local, federal and tribal government and well, healthcare. Every April, the people of Olympia city celebrate the “Procession of the Species,” a parade. Many Olympians, of all ages, dress up to look like animals, birds, fish, and even insects and walk in the parade. Some also play drums or dance the samba.


Facts About Washington’s Capital Olympia

  1. Sister Cities: Olympia has two Sister Cities, both in Asia. The first is Yashiro Town, located in southern Japan. The second city is NanChang, located in southeastern China and has been in effect since August 2010.
  2. Nirvana: Olympia’s place in rock history will be forever ensured. Many people incorrectly believe Kurt Cobain was from Seattle and Nirvana was born there.
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