State Capital Of Wyoming

State Capital Of Wyoming

Cheyenne Is The State Capital Of Wyoming. Cheyenne City Is located in the southeast corner of Wyoming along Crow Creek, a tributary of the South Platte River (Cheyenne was originally called “Crow Creek Crossing”). State Capital Cheyenne Status was declared in 1869. Cheyenne is also the most populous city in Wyoming with a population of over 60,000 people. Cheyenne is informally referred to as “The Magic City of the Plains.” Cheyenne was named for an Indian tribe that ranged in the area. The “Shey-an-Nah” was the largest family of Indians in North America.

The State Capital Of Wyoming is located on a broad plateau between North and South Platte rivers. State Capital Of Wyoming Cheyenne is found in Laramie county. Capital City covers a total of 63.79 square kilometers. Out of this, 63.5 square kilometers island while water occupies 0.28 square kilometers. Wyoming State Capital Cheyenne’s system of government comprises of a Mayor and City Council. The City Council consists of 9 members who are elected from the wards (Wards I, II, and III). The Mayor is elected by voters in the City. The Mayor of Cheyenne is Marian Orr. The capital has its own seal. A percentage of above 40% of the people in Cheyenne affiliate with a religion. The religions practiced are Christianity, Islam, Jewish, and Eastern faith. Christianity is highly practiced in denominations such as Catholics and Protestants. Today Wyoming State Capital Cheyenne has a population of about 64,000 citizens (in 2018), just under 100,000 people live in the Cheyenne Metro Area. 


Cheyenne Attractions:

Historical sites:

Wyoming State Capitol (info), the Corinthian and Renaissance style statehouse was built between 1886 and 1890; it is home to the bicameral state legislature and the office of the Governor of Wyoming.


Nelson Museum of the West, the private museum features western history exhibits, western art, and artifacts of the Wild West.

Cheyenne Depot Museum In State Capital Cheyenne is a railroad museum inside the historic Union Pacific Railroad depot in downtown Cheyenne. The museum tries to paint a picture of the historical role of the railroad for the development of the West. There is also a model railroad and an annual Steam Train Excursion.

City Square:

Cheyenne Depot Plaza is the town’s gathering place, the location of the farmers’ market, and an open-air venue for local music events like Fridays on the Plaza concerts.

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