State Flower Of Tennessee

State Flower Of Tennessee

Iris Is The Official State Flower Of Tennessee. In 1933 Tennessee Recognized Iris Flower as the Tennessee State Flower Without re-designating the existing state flower adopted in 1919. There are many varieties of iris, and the Tennessee state government did not specify any particular type when it designated it the Tennessee State Flower in 1933. However, it is usually depicted as a purple iris. Irises are monocots, and the flowers grow from bulbs or rhizomes that produce long, narrow, pointed leaves that often grow straight up, bending when they become too heavy to stand. Stems are usually straight, forming one to six buds.

The National Flower Of Tennessee has three outer petals that curve down and these may have a “beard” of different-colored hairs or a ridge that sometimes has a patch of another color in the center. State Flower Of Tennessee Iris flowers also has three upright central petals, which often enclose the stamen and pistil, though the petals are open on some types of irises. National Flower Of Tennessee Irises are common in many areas of the U.S. Different types may grow best in cold, on mountains, on grassy hills, in meadows, or on riverbanks. 


Characteristics of the Iris



Duration: Perennial

Plant: Lancelike leaves with individual or multiple flowers on a long, fleshy stem

Mature Height: 3 ft (1 m)

Flowering: May through June

Flowers: 1–2 in (2.5–5 cm) wide, 3–4 in (7.5–10 in) high; three central upright petals and three outer, downward-curving petals

Flower Color: Purple, although may also be yellow or white

Leaves: Long, pointed, mid-green, growing straight up from the ground

Fruit/Seed Color: Light brown


Facts About Iris:

  • Iris produces 3 to 10, sword-shaped leaves arranged in the form of clumps around the stem. Leaves are bluish-green colored, hairless and smooth on the edges.
  • Iris Flower leaves are Basal and cauline. Basal leaves are broad, glabrous, glaucous, with a thin scarious margin. Cauline, folded around the stem.
  • State Flower Irises are famous for their beautiful blooms and their fragrance.
  • Iris rhizome, also known as “orris root”, is used in the industry of perfumes and deodorants.
  • The astringent rhizome of Iris has diuretic, purgative and emetic properties.
  • Vincent Van Gogh, the famous Dutch artist, painted two pictures depicting irises. These pictures are very famous and highly prized in the art world today.
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