State Motto Of New Mexico

State Motto Of New Mexico

“Crescit eundo” Is The Official State Motto Of New Mexico. The New Mexico motto was adopted in 1887 and it is taken from “Book VI” of Latin poet Lucretius’ epic scientific poem “De Rerum Natura” which means “On the Nature of Things”. The Latin Phrase “Crescit Eundo,” Which translates as “It grows as it goes.” appears on the State Seal Of New Mexico. In  1882, William Ritch, The Secretary of New Mexico Territory is tasked with creating a New Mexico State Motto to add to our Territory Seal. Secretary William Ritch decides on the words Crescit Eundo, Latin for “It Grows as It Goes”. He had his reasons but left no record of why he chose this State Motto.

State Motto Of New Mexico “Crescit Eundo” has an interesting history behind it. Secretary Ritch borrowed this Latin book from an ancient Roman text, the “De Rerum Natura”. The Book “On The Nature of Things” was written by the Roman famous philosopher Lucretius, sometime during the 1st century. “De Rerum Natura” was a book that took the Roman world by storm because the book described a natural phenomenon like earthquakes, disease, and even death as being caused not by the Gods, but by nature itself. 


The New Mexico Statutes Annotated

State Motto Of New Mexico was adopted as an element of its official coat of arms and official seal. The following information is excerpted from the New Mexico Statutes Annotated, Chapter 12, Article 3, Section 12-3-1.

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