State Freshwater Fish of Alabama

Largemouth bass is the official state freshwater Fish symbol of Alabama. It is scientifically known as Micropterus salmoides, which comes from Centrarchidae family, a species of black bass native to Canada and America. The Alabama’s state symbol of freshwater fish largemouth bass are also known in many names by its variety, such as, wide mouth bass, bigmouth bass, Florida largemouth, green bass, black bass, bucket mouth, large, Potter’s fish, Florida bass,  Green trout, Gilsdorf bass, Oswego bass, southern largemouth and (paradoxically) northern largemouth, LMB .

The Legislature of Alabama State adopted by the largemouth bass or Micropterus salmoides, as the state freshwater fish an Act no. 1183 on October 10, 1975. It is also the state fish of GeorgiaMississippi, Indiana, and the state freshwater fish of Florida and Alabama, and the state sports fish of Tennessee.

The body of Largemouth bass fishes is green-shaded with a broad incessant dark band along both sides; belly is white to yellowish; dorsal fin nearly separated between the spiny and soft segment and lower jaw enlarges up to t the gold-colored eye. Most of the Largemouth bass fishes have a black non-defined line running sideways along their body, but in some variety have more lines like a series of marks.

Alabama’s state freshwater fish symbol Largemouth bass are greedy predators and become territorial during their offspring season. They progeny into the pit and the eggs are then secured alternately by the male and female. The adolescent takes about a week to emerge, and after hatching, they leave brood care.

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