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California is the third-largest state in the United States by Area. California City Map comprises 482 municipalities. The state is bounded by the Pacific Ocean in the west and Oregon to the north, Nevada, and Arizona to the east, and the Mexican state of Baja California to the south.

The United States acquired California from Mexico in 1848 and became the first incorporated city of the state in 1850. The City Map of California remains the same as it was in 1848. Sacramento is the Capital of California and the 6th largest city in California and the 35th largest in the country.

The most famous city on the California city map is Los Angeles and it is the largest city in California. Los Angeles is the home to Hollywood which is the biggest film industry in the world. It also has an Iconic and world-famous bridge called the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge is spanning the Golden Gate Strait which connects San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean. The bridge links San Francisco with Marin County and it is part of the San Francisco Bay Area, and one of the original 27 counties of California.

Cities in California

10 Largest Cities in California by Population

Rank City Population County
1 Los Angeles Los Angeles 39,71,883
2 San Diego San Diego 13,94,928
3 San Jose Santa Clara 10,26,908
4 San Francisco San Francisco 8,84,521
5 Fresno Fresno 5,27,438
6 Sacramento Sacramento 4,90,712
7 Long Beach Los Angeles 4,74,140
8 Oakland Alameda 4,17,870
9 Bakersfield Kern 3,73,640
10 Anaheim Orange 3,50,742

✅Which City is Most Beautiful in California?

Of all California’s cities, San Francisco is probably the most enchanting.

✅What is the Cheapest City in California?

Bakersfield is arguably the cheapest city to live in in California, with many neighborhoods having available housing stock under $200,000.

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