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Maine is the most northern state situated in the northeastern part of the country. It is located in the New England region of the United States. The Map of Maine with cities is the 12th smallest of the country with an area of 35,385 square miles. Maine had a population of 1,331,479 residents, which made it the 42nd most populous state in the country. Augusta is the state capital city of Maine and it is the ninth-largest city in the state and the third smallest state capital in the country.

It only has a border with one other state: New Hampshire. The other land borders of Maine are with the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec, with the state also having a stretch of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. Maine map with cities.

Maine Map With Cities and Capital

The state capital of Maine is Augusta, but its largest city and metropolitan area are Portland. The least populated city is Eastport, which had a population of just 1,331 people at the 2010 census. Maine, like other parts of New England, is well-known for its rocky coastal areas, dense forests, seafood-based cuisine, and historic villages, with many of its towns and cities dating back to the 1600s and being founded by the first French and English settlers in the area. Map of Maine with cities.

10 Largest Cities in Maine

Other Cities and Towns in Maine:
Ashland, Augusta, Bar Harbor, Bath, Belfast, Brunswick, Bucksport, Calais, Camden, Caribou, Dexter, Dover-Foxcroft, Eastport, Ellsworth, Farmington.

✅Map of Maine Towns

Maine is a northeastern state in the United States famous for its rocky coastline, pristine forests, and outdoor activities.

✅What is the Best Month to Visit Maine?

That said, the best time to visit Maine is between June and August if you’re hoping for good weather. Summer is when you can soak up the sun’s rays beachside.

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