New Mexico Blank Outline Map | HD Printable Standard Map

New Mexico is a US state Comprising an area of 121,589 square miles. The map of New Mexico is the 5th largest in the country. It is a landlocked state located in the Mountain Division of the southwestern United States. With a population of 2 million people (in 2019), New Mexico is the 36th largest state by population. The state shares borders with Arizona in the west, Colorado in the north, Oklahoma to the northeast, Texas to the east, Utah to the northwest. Santa Fe is the state capital of New Mexico.

New Mexico Facts

There are 33 counties in the County Map of New Mexico. Each County is administered by the County Seat. In 1852, There were originally nine counties. The highest point in the state is Wheeler Peak at 4013.3 m (13,167 ft). Red Bluff Reservoir at 2,842 feet above sea level is the lowest point in New Mexico. The major rivers are the Rio Grande (Great River) which is New Mexico’s longest river.

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