What Is The National Flower of England?

Rose is the National flower of England. It is usually red and is used, for instance, in the emblems of the English Golf Union and England national rugby union team. Following the unification of the throne, a new double rose incorporating red and white was adopted by the Tudor dynasty. The Tudor Rose is the national flower of the United Kingdom. The scientific name of Rose is Rosa Rugosa. It is a deciduous shrub of the Rosaceae family.


It is also called Japanese Rose. The Rose, the national flower of the United Kingdom, is also the world’s most recognized symbol of love and beauty (also war and politics). It is the best gift item that is well accepted by all. There is no human being but loves Rose. The first appearance of Rose in the Czech Republic was 35 million years ago, the world was very different at that time. It became the symbol of many emotions in the world. The perfume of rose petals has always attracted human beings. England national flower, the Rose, grows in full sun to part shade, in humus-rich, well-drains and moist soil. The leaves are pinnately compound with 5 to 9 leaflets with a corrugated surface.

“War of Rose” was a significant war between two families of divided England. One of the houses was York and another was the house of Lancaster. Both of them represented a Rose of different colors. Red Rose was for Lancaster and white Rose was for the York family. The war was over the throne. The war ended and united England through an interesting method that was building up relationships between families by giving marriage between Henry vii and Elizabeth. Henry vii became the first Tudor of united England and he declared the Rose the National flower of England in 1485. King Henry vii also created a graphic design on a red rose with a white one.


Common Name:  Rose
Genus:  Rosa
Species:  Rugosa
Found in:  All over the United Kingdom and North & Middle of China
Color:  Blue, White, Pink, Red, Purple and yellow
Number of petals:  5
Number of Sepals:  5
Period of blooming:  All around the year, mostly in summer to early winter
Purpose:  Decoration, Food, and herbal value
Symbolism:  love & beauty, honor, faith, devotion, passion, and sensuality

History And Facts

National Flower of United Kingdom – Tudor Rose is a distinguished and significantly the most beloved flower in the universe. Rose has more than 100 different species, lion’s share of which is growing in Asia. The rest of the part originated from Europe, North America, and Africa. Due to the commercial breeding in present Rose are available all over the world. As Rose cultivation started in 500 years BC the variety of Roses reach more than 13000. Many of countries adopted the Rose as their national flowers such as Bulgaria, Czech, Ecuador, Iraq, Luxemburg, Iran, Rumania, and Slovakia. And it is also the state flower of Oklahoma, Georgia, Iowa, and North Dakota.

The Rose has great historical importance to the Egyptians and Romans. It is a secret that Romans were kept them “under the Rose” by wearing a string their neck, which is well decorated by colorful Rose. They also decorated their rooms with Rose. The Rose represents her as a symbol by color species. Red Rose is the symbol of Love. White stands for purity, orange stands for excitement, pink is for delight and yellow stands for friendship. The dark Red Rose said as black stands for sorrow. Pink Roses have some extraordinary indications of feelings:

In Mythology, the rose is associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, which has often been depicted with roses around her head, feet, and neck. It is also said that a rosebush has grown in the heart of Adonis’ blood pool, the murdered lover of Aphrodite. In Christian mythology, it is also said that a rosebush would have grown on the site of the death of Christ. The Rose, England national flower has a lot of health and nutritious value.

Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Calcium, carbohydrates, Iron, Dietary fiber, and Calories are enriched in the Rose petals. Many herbal medicines are made from Rose petals and hip (the fruit of Rose is called hip). Hip varies species-wise; some of the hips are enormously rich with Vitamin C. Jam, jelly can make by rosehip.

To sum up, the Rose, the UK national flower is the symbol of love & beauty, honor, faith, devotion, passion, and sensuality. The people of the United Kingdom are right to select it as the National Flower of the United Kingdom.

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The rose is considered to be not only the most popular flower in Britain, but throughout the world. Roses are mostly associated with red and white, but they, in fact, come in a number of varieties.

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