The World Antique Outline Map, 1983 | Large Printable, HD and Standard Map

A World Map that represents just sufficient geographic information to permit the correlation of additional data placed upon it is called World Outline Map.

The Map of World displays all the continents, countries, areas, and borders of the world as well as all the oceans. The map also has a compass that shows the direction and the position of the North Pole.

Latitudes and Longitudes are marked across to accurately find the position of any place on the map.

The total landmass on earth is formed of seven continents of various sizes. Some are connected to each other while others are not. All of them have different areas and a number of countries forming them.

The World Antique Outline Map of 1983 Reveled the Actual Political Border of All Country of the World. It Represents Major Political And Geographical Features of the World.

Map Source Library Of Congress

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