National Flag Of Albania

National Flag Of Albania

The National Flag Of Albania Was Adopted On 28 November 1912. The modern design of the Flag Of Albania has been in use since April 7, 1992. The design was standardized throughout the nation in 2002. The Origin of the Albania National Flag is supposed to go back to the medieval Albanian hero Skanderbeg (Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeu). He led the Revolt against the Ottoman Empire and achieved Albanian independence between 1443 and 1478 Under the Double-Headed Eagle Flag, “Flamur e Skënderbeut”. The Albanian independentist circles opposed to Ottoman rule again used this flag In the 19th Century, Which Never was Forgotten.

National Flag Of Albania was used by the Albanian chief Isa Boletin in 1910 when he Rebelled Against Turkey. An autonomous government was proclaimed in June 1911, and a Red Flag Of Albania with the black double-headed eagle was raised in Prishtina Which is Now in Kosovo). After a few weeks, the flag was flying all over Southern Albania as well.

In May 1912, the Albanians took Üsküb (Now Skopje, Macedonia), and Turkey recognized the autonomy of Albania in June 1912. During the First Balkan War, on 28 November 1912, Albania’s independence was declared by Ismail Qemali in Vlora, and a flag with the black eagle of Skanderbeg on a red field was raised. The Provisional Government of Albania was created by the Assembly of Vlora on 4 December 1912. A White six-Pointed star was added to the Albania National Flag For representing the unity between Catholics, Orthodox, and Muslims.

In elections held on 2 December 1945, 80% voted for the National Democratic Front coalition led by the Communists. On 11 January 1946 King Zog I was declared deposed, and the People’s Republic of Albania was proclaimed. On 7 March 1946, a Constitution came into effect which established a new National Flag Of Albania with a yellow-bordered red star placed above the double-headed eagle.

In 1976 a new Constitution was adopted, and the state’s name changed to “People’s Socialist Republic of Albania”, but the Albania National Flag stayed the same. This lasted until 1992 when Communist rule came to an end: the communist star was removed from the national flag on 7 April 1992. Once more Albania flew the “Flamur e Skënderbeut” (Skanderbeg’s flag) Flag Of Albania With A red field with a black Double-Headed Eagle.


Meaning Of The Albania National Flag

The Red color on the National Flag Of Albania symbolizes courage, strength, and Courage. The Red field also represents the bloodshed for the country. The two-headed eagle located in the center of the national flag of Albania is an ancient symbol, used in flags of the Byzantine Empire in the year 1100. It comes from the heraldic weapons of the national hero, Georgi Castriota (known as Skanderberg), He led the Revolt against the Ottoman Empire and achieved Albanian independence between 1443 and 1478 Under the Double-Headed Eagle Flag.


Some Information About Flag:

In Which Year, The National Flag is Adopted?
Ans: On 28 November 1912

What Are The Colours of The Flag?
Ans: Red And Black

What Do the Colours of the Flag Means?
Ans: The Red field Represents the bloodshed for the country. Black of color represents determination and defeat the Enemy.

What Is The Official Name Of The Albanian Flag?
Ans: Flamuri Kombëtar

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