National Flag Of Montenegro

National Flag Of Montenegro

The Flag Of Montenegro was Officially Adopted On 13 July 2004. The Flag is a red field surrounded by a golden border and in the middle an emblem. The used colors in the Montenegro National Flag are blue, green, red, yellow. The flag represents the cultural history of the people of Montenegro.

The arms consist of a double-headed golden eagle on the National Flag Of Montenegro symbolizing the unity of church and state surmounted by a crown. There is a shield at the center, which acts as a protection to the eagle. The shield has a lion at the center that symbolizes the lion of Judah.

The breast shield over the eagle shows a golden lion passant on a green field in front of a blue sky. The lion in the Flag Of Montenegro is a symbol of episcopal authority and harkens back to the three and a half centuries when Montenegro was ruled as a theocracy.


History Of The Flag

The National Flag Of Montenegro has a rich history, and it was of several variants. In historical battles like the battle of Vucji in 1876, the flag was red and features a white cross at the center. In 1905, Montenegro was granted independence and the flag recognized by the constitution was composed of three colors, red, blue and white.

When Montenegro became part of Yugoslavia, the Montenegro National Flag changed to the original tricolor of the past and a communist red star at the center to show the new communist philosophy it had adopted. After the end of communism, the red star was removed, and it remained a tricolor Flag Of Montenegro up to 2004 when the current flag was adopted.


Some Information About Flag:

In Which Year, The National Flag Is Adopted?
Ans: On 13 July 2004

What Are The Colours of The Flag?
Ans: Red, Golden

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