National Flag Of Peru

The National Flag Of Peru was officially adopted On February 25, 1825, by the government of Peru and modified in 1950. The Flag Of Peru is composed of three equal, verticals bands in red, white and red. The main difference between the national flag and its State flag of Peru is that the later contains the emblem of the national coat of arms in the central point of the flag.

The color red on the Peru National Flag represents the bloodshed for independence. The White bands symbolize purity and peace. The colors are believed to symbolize the lasting impact the Incas have had in the country.



The Coat of Arms of Peru is located in the center of the red and white triband flag. In the Coat of Arms, the Cinchona tree which is the source of quinine represents flora. The vicuna, one of two wild camelids in South America, is a relative of the llama, living in the high alpine regions of the Andes Mountains.

On the Coat of Arms, it represents fauna, freedom, heroism, and national pride. The yellow cornucopia spilling out gold coins stands for mineral wealth and prosperity in the country, a blessing Peruvians are honored to symbolize in this way. The wreath of palm and laurel branches stands for freedom and liberty.


Origin Of The Flag

The first National Flag Of Peru was adopted for national use on October 21st, 1820. It was designed by General José de San Martín. It was diagonally quartered with the red field on the left and right sides, and white on the upper and bottom quarters.

The crown consisted of a sun rising behind a mountain located on the shore of the ocean. In March 1822 a new Flag Of Peru was decreed which consisted of horizontal stripes of red-white-red stripes. A golden sun was positioned in the center of the white stripe. The flag was altered several more times before taking on the current design used today.


Some Information About Flag:

In Which Year, The National Flag Was Adopted?
Ans: On February 25, 1825

What Are The Colours of The Flag?
Ans: Red, White

What Do The Colours of The Flag Means?
Ans: The color red on the Peru National Flag represents the blood shed for independence. The White bands symbolize purity and peace.

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