Latitude And Longitude Map of Luxembourg | Where Is Luxembourg?

Luxembourg Located in the northwest region of Europe. Three other European nations Belgium, France, and Germany surround Luxembourg, making it a landlocked country. Known more formally as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the country is one of the smallest ones in all of Europe, not to mention in the entire world.

According To the Latitude And Longitude Map of Luxembourg, The GPS coordinates of Luxembourg are 49.8153° N and 6.1296° E. Latitude in the north and longitude in the east places Luxembourg in the northern and eastern hemispheres, respectively. Luxembourg shares a border with the European country of Belgium To the north. Germany is to the east of Luxembourg and France is to the west.


Geographic Information of Luxembourg

Country Luxembourg
Latitude 49.611622
Longitude 6.131935
DMS Lat 49° 36′ 41.8392” N
DMS Long 6° 7′ 54.9660” E
UTM Easting 292,816.90
UTM Northing 5,499,401.68
Category Cities
Country Code LU
Zoom Level 9


Major towns are Esch-Sur-Alzette (pop.: 28,000), Differdange (19,000), Dudelange (17,600), Ettelbruck (7,400), Diekirch (6,200), Wiltz (4,600), Echternach (4,500), Rumelange (4,500), Grevenmacher (4,000), Remich (3,000), Vianden (1,600), in the southeast corner of the country lies Schengen (4200), a small wine-making village near the tripoint where the borders of Germany, France, and Luxembourg meet.


Latitude and Longitude of Some Luxembourg Cities

Location Latitude Longitude
Echternach 49°49’N 06°25’E
Esch-sur-Alzette 49°32’N 06°00’E
Etelbruck 49°51’N 06°05’E
Grevenmacher 49°41’N 06°26’E
Luxembourg 49°37’N 06°09’E
Mersch 49°44’N 06°07’E
Our 49°55’N 06°05’E
Petange 49°33’N 05°55’E
Redange 49°46’N 05°52’E
Remich 49°32’N 06°22’E
Vianden 49°56’N 6°12’E
Wiltz 49°57’N 5°55’E
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