Map of Henan Province | Political, Geography, Transportation And Cities Map

Henan is a landlocked province located in the central plains of China. Map of Henan Province shares borders with Shanxi Province and Hebei Province in the north, Shaanxi Province in the west, Hubei Province in the south, and Anhui Province and Shandong Province in the east. The capital city of Henan Province is Zhengzhou. Henan is the 5th-largest provincial economy of China and the largest among inland provinces.

Henan Province Map covers an area of over 160,000 square kilometers. With a population of approximately 100.4 million, Henan is the second most populous Chinese province after Guangdong. Henan is the birthplace of Chinese civilization, with over 3,000 years of recorded history. More than 20 dynasties set their capitals here and the four great inventions of ancient China all originated from Henan.

Henan Facts


Political Map of Henan Province

Hebei Province is located along the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River (Huang He). It covers an area of over 160,000 square kilometers and has a population of 100.4 million. The capital city of Henan Province is Zhengzhou. The Government of Henan is structured in a dual party-government system like all other governing institutions in mainland China.

The Political Map of Henan Province is bounded to the north by the provinces of Shanxi and Hebei, to the east by Shandong and Anhui, to the west by Shaanxi, and to the south by Hubei. The Huang He (Yellow River) divides the province into two unequal parts—one-sixth north and five-sixths south of the river—and thus to some extent belies the name Henan (“South of the River”).

Geography Map of Henan Province

The terrain of Henan Province descends from west to east. Major mountains in Henan are Mount Funiu Shan, Mt. Xiao Shan, Mt. Xiong’er Shan, Mt. Waifang Shan, Mt. Taihang Shan, Mt. Tongbai Shan, and Mount Dabie Shan. Major rivers are the branches of the Yellow River, Huai River, Wei River, and Han Shui.

This province has a temperate climate with distinctive four seasons. The climate changes are fairly accurately represented by the twenty-four solar terms on the Chinese lunar calendar. The average annual temperature is between 13 ~ 15 ℃, and 0 ~ 2℃ in January, and 26 ~ 28℃ in July. Rainfall averages about 600-1000 millimeters increasing from north to south.


Transportation Map of Henan Province

Henan has some of the most advanced transportation systems in China due to its flat terrain and its location. The Jingguang and Longhai Railway, the nation’s two most important railways, run through much of the province and intersects at Zhengzhou. Henan’s expressway system is highly developed and the total length is approximately 5,000 km (3,100 mi), the highest total for any Chinese province. The state of air transport is less stellar, the only 3 public airports are located in Xinzheng (near Zhengzhou), Luoyang, and Nanyang.

Cities Map of Henan Province

Major Cities With Population

Anyang 781,129
Hebi 244,662
Jiaozuo 517,540
Kaifeng 900,000
Luohe 417,356
Luoyang 1,390,581
Nanyang 251,532
Pingdingshan 889,675
Puyang 666,322
Shangqiu 181,218
Xinxiang 743,601
Xinyang 1,590,668
Xuchang 1,265,536
Zhengzhou 4,253,913

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