Blank Outline Map of the United States

The Blank Outline Map of the United States United States (US) covers a total area of 9,833,520 sq. km. Of this area, the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia cover 8,080,470 sq. km. The archipelago of Hawaii has an area of 28,311 sq. km while the remaining area is part of the US territories.

The major characteristic of the United States is probably its great variety. Its physical environment ranges from the Arctic to the subtropical, from the moist rain forest to the arid desert.

Key Facts

Legal Name United States of America
Capital City Washington, DC
38 53 N, 77 02 W
Independence 4 July 1776 (declared independence from Great Britain); 3 September 1783 (recognized by Great Britain)

The Outline Map of the United States shares a border with Canada to the east. Russia is situated to the west of the country across the Bering Strait. The United States has overseas territories in the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean.

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