Border Map of USA | Detailed USA Boundary Map

Border Map of USA | Detailed USA Boundary Map

Border Map of USA | Detailed USA Boundary Map is the Map of United States of America. You can also free download United States of America Map images HD Wallpapers for use desktop and laptop. Click Printable Large Map

The United States of America (USA) is located in central North America, between Canada and Mexico. With an area of 3.8 million square miles (9.8 million square kilometers), It is the third-largest country in the world. The country is more than twice the size of the European Union or slightly half the size of Russia. The Border Map of USA shares international land borders with two nations: Canada and Mexico. The United States also shares maritime borders with the Bahamas, Cuba, and Russia.

The United States has a population of over 328 million people, making it the 3rd most populous country in the world. The capital city of the country is Washington D.C. and the largest US city is New York. Spoken languages are English 80%, and Spanish 13%. The Map of USA consists of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories.

Fast Facts

  • Official Name: United States of America
  • Form oF Government: Constitution-based federal republic
  • Capital: Washington, D.C.
  • Population: 329,256,465
  • Languages: English, Spanish (no official national language)
  • Money: U.S. dollar
  • Area: 3,794,083 square miles (9,826,630 square kilometers)
  • Major Mountain Ranges: the Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains
  • Major Rivers: Mississippi, Missouri, Colorado
  • Total Border: 12,048 km
  • Coastline: 19,924 km
  • Bordering Countries: Canada 8893 km (including 2477 km with Alaska), Mexico 3155 km

Detailed Border Map of USA

The Border Map of USA shares land borders with Canada and Mexico and maritime borders with Russia, Cuba, the Bahamas, and other countries. The United States and Canada’s land border is the world’s longest international border. It has a total area of 8,891 kilometers (5,525 mi), of which 2,475 kilometers (1,538 mi) is the border of Alaska with British Columbia and Yukon. Mexico–United States border has a total length of 3,145 kilometers (1,954 mi).


  • Alaska, USA – Canada 1,538 miles (2,475 km)
  • Canada – USA 3,145 miles (5,061 km)
  • Mexico – USA 1,951 miles (3,141 km)
  • Bordering Countries (2) Canada and Mexico

List of United States Land and Maritime Borders

  1. The Canada–United States Border
  2. The Mexico–United States Border to the south
  3. Russia–United States Maritime Boundary


The Canada–United States Border

The United States and Canada’s land border is the world’s longest international border. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the length of the International Boundary line of the U.S.-Canadian border, excluding Alaska, is approximately 3,987 miles. The length of the Alaska-Canada border alone is 1,538 miles. There are 13 U.S. states that share international boundaries with Canada.

Rank State Length of the border with Canada Rank Province/Territory Length of the border with the U.S.
1 Alaska 2,475 km (1,538 mi) 1 Ontario 2,760 km (1,715 mi)
2 Michigan 1,160 km (721 mi) 2 British Columbia 2,168 km (1,347 mi)
3 Maine 983 km (611 mi) 3 Yukon 1,210 km (752 mi)
4 Minnesota 880 km (547 mi) 4 Quebec 813 km (505 mi)
5 Montana 877 km (545 mi) 5 Saskatchewan 632 km (393 mi)
6 New York 716 km (445 mi) 6 New Brunswick 513 km (318 mi)
7 Washington 687 km (427 mi) 7 Manitoba 497 km (309 mi)
8 North Dakota 499 km (310 mi) 8 Alberta 298 km (185 mi)
9 Ohio 235 km (146 mi)
10 Vermont 145 km (90 mi)
11 New Hampshire 93 km (58 mi)
12 Idaho 72 km (45 mi)
13 Pennsylvania 68 km (42 mi)

The Mexico–United States Border

Mexico–United States border is an international border separating Mexico and the United States. It is extending from the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Gulf of Mexico in the east. It has a total length of 3,145 kilometers (1,954 mi). There are four states that share an international border with Mexico.


Border Length
(including along the Rio Grande)

Texas 1,241.0
Arizona (including 19.1 miles along the Colorado River) 372.5
New Mexico 179.5
California 140.4
Total 1,933.4