National Animal of Turkey

National Animal of Turkey

Gray wolf is the official National Animal of Turkey. Canis lupus is the scientific name of the Iberian wolf. It is commonly known as Wolf, Common Wolf, Gray Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Grey Wolf, Mexican Wolf, Plains Wolf, Timber Wolf, Tundra Wolf.

Turkey National animal, the Gray wolf, which are native to Afghanistan; Albania; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Bulgaria; Canada; China; Yemen, and many other countries. Due to all these facts, the Gray wolf becomes the official National Animal of Turkey.

National Animal of Turkey Facts

  • Common name: Wolf, Common Wolf, Gray Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Grey Wolf, Mexican Wolf, Plains Wolf, Timber Wolf, Tundra Wolf.
  • Scientific name: Canis lupus.
  • Habitat: The Grey wolves have lived in all habitats in the Northern Hemisphere except for tropical forests. They have a tendency to dwell in forests, tundra, and grassy plains and also in deserts and mountains but they can adapt anywhere.
  • Weight: Characteristically weigh between 80 to 90 pounds
  • Color: Grayish- brown in color with white fur under its neck and belly.
  • Average life span: In captivity between 8 and 14 years
  • Breeding season: They mate between February to April.
  • Pups: The babies of the Gray wolf are called ‘Pups’. The female wolf gives birth of usually 4 or 7 pups after sixty to seventy-five days of the gestation period.
  • Major strength: Excellent vision and a great sense of smell.
  • Major weakness: none.


Turkey National animal Gray wolf is monogamous, which means they have one mate in a lifetime. They rarely build their own dens; usually, take over an abandoned one. They mate between February to April. The female gray wolf will make a safe den in which to give birth after a gestation period of 62-75 days. Usually, they are having 4-7 pups in a litter.

The national animal of Turkey, the Gray wolf is mostly of average size with a thinner construct than the common Eurasian wolf. Male’s weight can be 90 pounds while females are usually 20 percent lesser than the size of males. Their coat will vary in color from a pale grey or ochre in the warmer months, which turn to a darker reddish-brown in winter.

The Gray wolf has five toes on each front foot while four on the back foot. Every toe has a curved nondrag backing claw. They also have a big heel-style pad on each foot. They have a wide and conical skull. Their large jaws help to hold the facial muscles. The canines have 42 large teeth which can rise up to 5cm long.

✅Turkish National Animal

What is the national animal of turkey? The gray wolf is the national animal of Turkey. In Turkey, gray wolves live mostly in the forests and mountainous areas.

✅Does Turkey Have a National Bird?

The national bird of Turkey is the Redwing. It is called so because of the presence of a red underwing. It is 20–24 cm long.


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