National Bird of Andora

National Bird of Andora

The national bird of Andora is Lammergeier vulture. And the bearded is a bird of prey and the last member of the genus gypaetus. Andora’s national bird, Lammergeier vultures has achieved the IUCN Red List has reassessed this species to be near threatened in July 2014. Before July 2014, it was actually classed as Least Concern. Their population trend is decreasing. The Lammergeier vulture is considered as the national bird of Andora for being so much strong and unique.

While you’ve got the answer to the question: “What is national bird of Andora?” definitely you’ve more questions about the threatened species. Before answering those common questions, we’ll represent about some basic facts of Lammergeier vulture.

Facts about Andora’s national bird

  • Common Name: Lammergeier vulture
  • Scientific name: Gypaetus barbatus
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Aves
  • Order: Accipitriformes
  • Family: Accipitridae
  • Genus: Gypaetus
  • Species: G. barbatus
  • Found in: Europe through much of Asia and Africa.
  • Habitat: mountainous regions
  • Average Length: 94-125cm;
  • Average Weight: 5.7kg
  • Average Lifespan: 20 years in wild

The Lammergeier vulture is a 94-125cm huge bird. Lammergeier means lamb-vulture in German. The vulture in Eurasia found around the Himalayas tend are slightly larger than those from other mountain ranges. The Female vultures are slightly larger than the males. The bearded vulture does not have a bald head, unlike most vulture species. They are relatively small headed, although its neck is powerful and thick. The gait on the ground is waddling and the feet are large and powerful. The adult is mostly dark gray, rusty and whitish in color. It is grey-blue to grey-black above.

Lammergeier vultures live in the high mountain areas and 2 or 3 in number. They are very rare to see. The lammergeier vulture has a different diet. Almost 80% diet comes from the bone marrow. The females lay once in a year and the number of eggs in one. As a result of its appearance and diet, the vulture has a nasty reputation of carrying away lambs, calves, and even children. This is, of course, disputable; the birds are not known to be hostile toward (living) humans.

Bearded vulture is considered a threatened species in Iran. Iranian mythology considers the rare bearded vulture (Persian: هما, ‘Homa’) the symbol of luck and happiness. It was believed that if the shadow of a Homa fell on one, he would rise to sovereignty and anyone shooting the bird would die in forty days. So the unique Lammergeier vulture has a huge reason to be the National bird symbol of Andora.


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