Facts About Oregon

Facts About Oregon
  1. The origin of the name “Oregon” is unclear. However, according to one source, the name is believed to have been derived from the French word, ‘Ouragan,’ which is loosely translated as hurricane’ or windstorm’.


  1. Portland, Oregon has more breweries than any other city in the world. Within its city limits, Portland has more than 60 breweries.


  1. The Name Portland was decided with a coin toss. Had the coin landed on the other side, the city would have been named Boston.


  1. Forest Grove at the heart of Oregon is credited for being the home of the world’s tallest and most notable barbershop pole, standing at 72-feet tall.


  1. Portland is home to the annual World Naked Bike Ride, in which over 10,000 naked cyclists take part. That makes it the largest of its kind in the world.


  1. In 1994, Oregon became the first U.S. state to legalize physician-assisted suicide, resulting in Oregon’s suicide rates being some of the highest in the nation.


  1. Oregon is the only state that has an official state nut. The official state nut of Oregon is the hazelnut. The hazelnut is also known as the filbert. Oregon grows 99 percent of the entire U.S. commercial crop.


  1. The world’s tallest barbershop pole, standing at 72-feet tall, resides in Forest Grove, Oregon.


  1. The caves in the Oregon Caves National Monument were discovered in 1874 and are carved completely out of solid marble.


  1. The state of Oregon is home to different Native American Ethnic groups in the country. The federal government recognizes only nine tribes existing within the present-day state.


  1. The state of Oregon has one city named Sisters and another called Brothers.


  1. The Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center in Oregon holds the largest collection of rosaries in the world.


  1. Portland, Oregon is said to have more bicyclists than any other city in America. The city is a bike-friendly zone and even has weekly events that revolve around biking.


  1. Portland has more strip clubs than Las Vegas, NYC, LA, and every other city in the country besides Houston (although Houston has twice the population).


  1. Tillamook Rock Lighthouse is the final resting place of around 467,000 cremated people. That’s more than the entire population of Iceland.
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