Largest Cities Of South Carolina

Largest Cities Of South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the smallest states of America. In terms of land size, it is the 40th biggest state, but it has the 23rd largest population, resulting in a relatively high population density. South Carolina is situated in the southeastern part of the United States, on the Atlantic Coast, and has borders with the states of North Carolina and Georgia. South Carolina covers an area of 32,030 square miles and has an estimated population of 5 million people.


Biggest Cities In South Carolina


  1. Columbia

Columbia, the capital city of South Carolina, is the largest city in the state. The 2010 Census found the city’s population to be 129,272 individuals. Columbia serves as the seat of Richland County and a part of it extends into Lexington County. It is the primary city of South Carolina’s Midlands region and is situated at the confluence of two rivers, the Broad River and the Saluda River. These rivers merge to form the Congaree River.


  1. Charleston

Charleston is considered to be the 2nd largest city in South Carolina, although the estimated population of this is very close to the estimated population of the state capital, Columbia. An official census will, therefore, need to determine which city is truly the biggest in the present day, but Charleston is currently considered to be the biggest as it has an estimated population of close to 135,000 people.


  1. North Charleston

North Charleston is the third biggest city in South Carolina and is spread out across three separate counties: Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley. North Charleston covers an area of 76.6 square miles and has an estimated population of 108,000 people, with more than 744,000 living in the surrounding metropolitan area, which also includes the state’s biggest city, Charleston.


  1. Mount Pleasant

The suburban town of Mount Pleasant in South Carolina’s fourth-biggest urban area. It had a population of 67,843 individuals in 2010. It is located in Charleston County on the east side of the Charleston Harbor.


  1. Rock Hill

With a population of 66,154 individuals, Rock Hill is South Carolina’s fifth-most populous city. It is located in York County where it offers scenic views of the Catawba River’s riverfront. 31 parks, numerous nature trails, and restaurants dot the city.

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