State Capital Of Oregon

State Capital Of Oregon

Salem Is The Official State Capital Of Oregon. Salem is located in the center of the Willamette Valley alongside the Willamette River. National Capital Of Oregon Salem was founded in 1842, became the capital of the Oregon Territory in 1851, and was incorporated in 1857. 


History Of State Capital Of Oregon

The earliest permanent settlement based in this part of Oregon took place at the very beginning of the 1840s, the mission was led by American pioneer and missionary Jason Lee. He set up his community roughly 13 miles / 21 km to the north of modern-day downtown Salem, in an area named Wheatland. His missionaries founded the Oregon Institute in the year 1842, on the site that was later to become Salem. In 1851, the legislative body of Oregon chose to move the Oregon State Capital of the territory from Oregon City to Salem.

This elevation in status was relatively short-lived since the capital was moved once more, in 1855, to the neighboring town of Corvallis, some 37 miles / 60 km to the southwest. However, it soon became apparent that this relocation of the State Capital Of Oregon was not a successful one and in a matter of months, Salem’s capital status was returned. A fairly modest two-story Capitol Building was constructed, although just two months after its completion, the Capitol was sadly destroyed by fire. The year 1857 was an important one in Salem history since the town was officially incorporated as a city. Just two years later, Oregon became the 33rd member of the United States of America, with Salem naturally serving as the esteemed National Capital Of Oregon.


Economy And Transport

After Salem Become The State Capital Of Oregon, Steamboats soon became a common sight on the Willamette River, connecting both Oregon City to the northeast and Eugene to the south. Goods were exported and imported via the Pringle Creek and the city enjoyed a prosperous period. Salem is the home of Kettle Foods, Inc., a maker of potato chips since 1982. Salem-Keizer Transit, an independent government agency, provides fixed-route bus service, rideshare matching, and paratransit/lift services for the disabled, within the urban growth boundary. Oregon State Capital plans to go forward with airport improvements that were announced when service was commenced, including a longer runway and an expanded terminal building.

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