State Motto Of Virginia

State Motto Of Virginia

The Latin phrase “Sic Semper Tyrannis” (Thus ever unto tyrants) Is The Official State Motto Of Virginia. Virginia State Motto “Sic Semper Tyrannis,” Was designated as an element of its official seal. The Virginia State Motto was adopted in 1776. The Motto “Sic Semper Tyrannis” is a Latin phrase which means “Thus ever unto tyrants”. This is the original Virginia motto recommended for the Seal of Virginia by George Mason to the Virginia Convention in 1776. Virginia State Motto has no literary origin of note. The motto phrase has been invoked historically in Europe and other parts of the world as an epithet or rallying cry against abuse of power. It is the official State Motto Of Virginia of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the city of Allentown, Pennsylvania.



State Nicknames Of Virginia


“Mother of Presidents,”

The home of eight presidents of the United States, Virginia is often referred to as the “Mother of Presidents.” In recognition of the Virginia Colony’s steadfast loyalty to Charles II of England during the Roundhead Revolt, the king added the arms of Virginia to his shield in 1663 along with the dominions of England, France, Ireland, and scotland.


“Old Dominion,”

“Old Dominion” has been Virginia’s most famous and favored nickname ever since.


“The Commonwealth,”

 Virginia is officially referred to as the Commonwealth of Virginia, hence the nickname “The Commonwealth.”


“The Mother State,”

Virginia was the first British Colony in the Americas, and thus the first state to be colonized; this led to its nickname of “The Mother State.”


“The Mother of States,”

 “The Mother of States,” refers to the fact that many people that colonized the surrounding states came from Virginia.


“The Mother of Statesmen,” 

 Many of the great statesmen in the history of the United States also were Virginia natives, thus earning it the nickname “Mother of Statesmen.”


“The Cavalier State”

The nickname “The Cavalier State” is a reference to the loyalty shown by the Virginia Colony during the reigns of Charles I and II and during the intervening period when Oliver Cromwell held power.

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