State Motto Of Washington

State Motto Of Washington

The Unofficial State Motto Of Washington is “Alki” (or Al-ki) meaning “bye and bye”. Originally it is a native American word that evolved to mean “into the future” (Washington Legislature has not yet recognized an official Washington State Motto). Alki (or Al-ki) is an Indian word which means “bye and bye.” The State Motto Of Washington was originally used on the territorial seal which on one side displays an immigrant wagon and a log cabin with a fir forest background; the other side pictures an anchor and the Goddess of Hope in the center (the goddess points at the word “Alki”), a sheet of water in the background with a sailing vessel, a steamer, and a city in perspective. From Washington state Legislature: Early settlers from the schooner Exact named their settlement on Alki Point “New York.” However, as the settlement was slower to grow than the east coast NY, the name was changed to “New York-Alki” (the 1850s term for “bye and bye” or “I will see you, bye and bye”).



The Washington State Nickname

The Washington Motto is complimented by a less formal, popular Washington nickname which, combined with the motto, is highly descriptive of the people, the geography and the history of the state. The names used as nicknames are:


The Evergreen State

The official nickname “Evergreen State” was adopted by state Legislature in 1893 and alludes to the trees and plants that retain their green leaves and foliage through the winter and into the following summer or through several years. Green is the dominant color on the seal and the flag of Washington.


The Chinook State

The Chinook nickname is a reference to the ChinookNorth American Indian people who lived in Plankhouses and controlled the mouth of the Columbia River flows through Washington state. The Chinooks were famous as fishers and traders of salmon, canoes, and shells.


The State of Love and Trust

The State of Love and Trust nickname reflects the nature and characteristics of the friendly people of Washington.

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