State Tree Of South Carolina

State Tree Of South Carolina

Sabal Palmetto Is The Official State Tree Of South Carolina. South Carolina Adopted the sabal palmetto (Inodes Palmetto) as the official South Carolina State Tree in 1939. Sabal Palmetto is commonly known as cabbage palm, palmetto, cabbage palmetto, blue palmetto, Carolina palmetto, common palmetto. Sabal is the genus of the Sabal Palmetto and S. palmetto is its species. The South Carolina State Tree Sabal Palmetto belongs from the family of Arecaceae, which is mostly native to the southernmost lowlands and coastal areas.

The National Tree Of South Carolina Sabal Palmetto is a medium-sized branchless evergreen plant, which is commonly grown on sandy shores, along salty swamps, in seacoast woodlands of Southeastern United States and throughout peninsular South Carolina. State Tree Of South Carolina grows to a height in between 10 – 25 m (32-82 feet), with a stem diameter of approximately 30 – 60 cm (12-24 inches). Most encouraging growth occurs in moist subtropical to warm moderate climates where average rainfall is 100 – 163 cm (39-64 inches), and average temperatures range from –4 – 36° C (25-97 ° F). Northern growth is limited by low winter temperatures. 

National Tree Of South Carolina grows in almost any soil and has numerous uses including food and medicine. It is also used widely for panorama because of its universal attractiveness. The Cabbage Palms generally have profound penetrating root systems and usually set up best when planted out at a juvenile stage. South Carolina State Tree has excellent fiber is obtained from the leaf stalks. The best quality is from immature leaf stalks still in the bud, even as the coarser substance is obtained from older leaves or the bases of old leaf stalks adjacent to the bud. 


Facts About Sabal Palmetto

Genus:  Sabal

Species:  Sabal palmetto

Found in:  Native to the southernmost lowlands and coastal areas of the southern United States, as well as Cuba, the Turks & Caicos Islands, and The Bahamas.

Leaf: The leaves of the South Carolina’s State tree Sabal Palmetto are alternately arranged, palmately composite. The size of the leaflets are very long, they are in between 4 to 6 feet and lance-shaped, leaf stalks are long, enlarge through the leaf, the edges are no sharp edges, which are green in color,

Flower:  The flower of Sabal Palmetto is small white in color, which occurs on large branched clusters, produced in early summer.

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