What is the National Bird of Aruba?

What is the National Bird of Aruba?

The national bird of Aruba is Prikichi. There are 249 species of bird are recorded on Aruba so far. But there are only two endemic subspecies of birds which occur on Aruba and found nowhere else in the world. They are Shoko (Aruban burrowing owl) and Prikichi (Aruban parakeet).

Aruba’s national bird, the Prikichi (Aruban parakeet) has a yellowish-orange face. Shoko ((Aruban burrowing owl) was declared a National bird Symbol of Aruba in 2012 and now the Prikichi (Aruban parakeet) has become the National Bird of Aruba. Aruba Bird Conservation, the Council of Ministers on Aruba, on 7th February 2017 .

approved a proposal to declare the “Prikichi” as the national bird of Aruba.While you’ve got the answer to the question: “What is the national bird of Aruba?” definitely you’ve more questions about this beautiful species. Before answering those common questions, we’ll represent some basic facts of Prikichi.Facts about Aruba’s national bird Common Name: Prikichi

Scientific name: Nanday Conure

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Found in: Aruba only
  • Habitat: countryside, sometimes coming near some of the resorts that maintain native vegetation.
  • Average Length: 32-37 cms/12 inches;
  • Average Weight: 140 grams
  • Average Lifespan: 30-35 yearsThe Prikichi is small in size. The Parakeet can reach 7 inches in length and 0.9 to 1.4

ounces of weight. They have varieties in their weight and height and also in body color. But Parakeets are a nomadic bird that often changes their location in the wild. They are a superb traveler, is able to travel hundreds of miles to find water.

The birds may appear green at first glimpse, but a closer view will reveal the beautiful bluish colors in the wings, the yellow under the tail, and the yellowish eye ring. Aruba’s national bird, the Prikichi parakeets are very social that they live in large groups called flocks.

Under their likely environmental conditions, they can form flocks composed of thousands of birds. Its diet is based on seed, fruit, eucalyptus leaves, various types of ferns and insects. Natural enemies of parakeets are snakes and birds of prey. Wild parakeets roaming the countryside, sometimes coming near some of the resorts that maintain native vegetation. Unfortunately, this bird has experienced steep declines in recent years, apparently due to introduced boas. To protect that amazing species Aruba’s governing council declared the Prikichi parakeets as a National bird symbol of Aruba.

Q: Aruba national bird?
A: Prikichi is the national bird of Aruba. The Prikichi is so amazing to see and they are beautiful in nature.

Q: National bird of Aruba?
A: The Prikichi are very social that the national bird of Aruba, live together with folks that they can be 1000 in numbers in that folks.

Q: National bird symbol of Aruba
A: National bird of Aruba Prikichi is very special that they are found just in Aruba.

Q: Which is the national bird of Aruba?
A: The national bird of Aruba Prikichi are in threaten because of hunters and the climate change. To protect the special species Aruba Government considered them as a national symbol.




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