What is the National Bird of Bahamas?

What is the National Bird of Bahamas?

The national bird of Bahamas is Flamingo. The social Caribbean flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber ruber) is a perfect choice to represent The Bahamas national bird symbol.

The most beautiful unique and colorful birds are not carrying the national bird symbol of Bahamas but also carries the national symbol of Bahamas. Bahamas national bird, the Flamingos is the most long-living bird in the world’s bird species.

As a beautiful, colorful, unique bird that is very rare to see, the flamingos are considered as the national animal of Bahamas. While you’ve got the answer to the question: “What is the national bird of Bahamas?” definitely you’ve more questions about this interesting bird. Before answering those common questions, we’ll represent some basic facts of Emu.

Facts about Bahamas national bird

  • Common Name:  Barn swallow
  • Scientific name:  Phoenicopterus roseus
  • Kingdom:  Animalia
  • Phylum:  Chordata
  • Class:  Aves
  • Order:  Phoenicopteriformes
  • Family:  Phoenicopteridae
  • Genus:  Phoenicopterus
  • Found in:  South America, South Africa, Southern Africa, Southern Europe, Western Asia
  • Diet: Algae, Fish, Insects
  • Average Length: 100cm-150cm
  • Average Weight: 2-4kg
  • Average Lifespan: 15-30 years
  • Average Speed: 50 km/h

The beautiful Flamingo is very rare to see, they have long necks, sticklike legs, and pink or reddish feathers. That means their feathers color come from the color they eat and that found in algae and invertebrates. The flamingo stands 3.9-4.7 feet and their weight is up to 3.5 kg.

They love to eat Algae, Fish, and Insects and they hold their breath while eating. They have specially adapted bills that can separate mud and silt from the food they eat. Their body color pink or reddish comes from carotenoids in their diet of animal and plant plankton. Bahamas national bird, The Flamingo are very social birds.

They use to maintain their folks which have around 400-1000 birds when they use to visit or go for some foods. Usually, the bird Flamingo lives in the West Indian area and other lives in Yucatan, Bonaire Island, and Mexico.

More than 50,000 birds are living in 287 square miles in Inagua Island in the Bahamas (Bahamas Government). In the coat of arms symbol of Bahamas, And the Bahamas considered This beautiful creature as the National bird symbol of Bahamas and also the national animal symbol of Bahamas.

Q: Bahamas national bird?
A: The unique and large Flamingo is considered as the national bird of Bahamas.

Q: National bird of Bahamas?
A: The national bird of Bahamas, The Adult Flamingo is almost 3.3-4.6 feet tall and weighs approximately 3.3-9 pounds.

Q: National bird symbol of Bahamas
A: National bird of Bahamas Flamingo When eat, their head is typically positioned upside-down. They filter the food and suck water.

Q: Which is the national bird of Bahamas?
A: The national bird of Bahamas, Baby flamingos will hatch in the nest which is made of mud.


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