What is The National Dress of Argentina?

Argentina is a beautiful country located in the Southern half of South America. Many people across Europe immigrated to this country resulting in a mix of cultural influences and various traditions. Appearances are very important in both business circles and society at large in Argentina.

Traditional clothes in Argentina

Traditional Argentine garb includes gaucho clothes for males and brightly colored embellished dresses for women.  Gaucho Consider as The Unofficial National Dress of Argentina. All over the country, you can find people dressed in jeans, t-shirts, or polo-type shirts and slacks.

The first thing that everyone thinks about when the Argentine traditional dress is brought up is the gaucho or the Argentine cowboy. Women’s clothing is very sensual and feminine a short dress or a long dress with an opening in one leg, sometimes mesh stockings. The man in a suit could be a black one with thin white stripes and a white shirt (tie or bow optional), with a hat.

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