What is The National Dress of Ireland?

What is The National Dress of Ireland?

Ireland’s tumultuous history affected every bit of the island’s culture, including clothing fashions. In poor times, peasant dress was exceedingly simple. Men and women alike wore might’ve worn simple knee-length leine, or shirts. Men worn just the leine, while women often used these shirts as undergarments covered by open-sleeved dresses.

Irish Clothing

For men, one of the traditional Irish items of clothing is the kilt, although this is more commonly associated with scotland than Ireland. Both men and women wore tunics and cloaks made of wool until the invading English banned traditional Irish clothing, at which point they wore variations on English costume.

Weather also plays a significant role in traditional Irish dress. Ireland’s ocean climate is generally mild, but sudden rainfall is common, as are strong breezes. Many natives dress in layers that they can shed or add depending on abrupt shifts from hot to cool, wet, and windy.


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