What Is The National Flower of Bosnia?

What Is The National Flower of Bosnia?

Golden Lily is the national flowerof Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lilliumbosnicum is the scientific name of Golden Lily and it is commonly known as Asiatic Golden Lily, Oriental Golden Lily and stylized Golden Lily. It is also known as ZlatniLjiljan and BosanskiLjiljan.

Golden Lily is a native flower of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it is the most popular flower in Bosnia And Herzegovina. People of Bosnia And Herzegovina love to grow flowers.

Golden Lily is the most traditional flower which is used as presents, also for decoration and other special occasion like birthday celebrations. Because of all these aspects, Lilly is chosen as the National Flower symbol of Bosnia And Herzegovina.

Facts about Bosnia And Herzegovina’s National Flower (Golden Lily)

  • Common Name:  Golden Lily, Asiatic Yellow Lily, Oriental Yellow Lily and stylized Yellow Lily
  • Genus:  Lillium
  • Species:  Bosnicum
  • Found in:  Most of Europe and Asia
  • Color:  White, Golden, pink, red and orange
  • Number of petals:  4-8
  • Size: 3-6 ft
  • Time of blooming:  July-August
  • Purpose:  Ornamental and medical
  • Symbolism:  Purity and refined beauty

Golden Lily belongs to Liliaceae family. Their reformed bud, which consists of a congealed spherical underground stem serving as a generative structure can be planted in spring-time for coming into flower on the same year or in fall for blooming on the next year. They are developed from seeds, scales, bulbils and bulb-lets too.

A cold, absorbent and well-drained soil is necessary for the quality growth of the lilies. The blooming sequence begins in early summer with the flamboyant Asiatics Lilies. It is the Golden Lily with small dull purple flowers of northwestern Europe and northwestern Asia which is also known as Turk’s Cap Lilies, and clean white Liliumcandidum.

It goes on until late summer with other species of lilies. There are 3 fragrant groups: Orientals, Orienpets, which are hybrids between Orientals and Trumpets, and Trumpets. Lilies grow to 6 inch diameter and the stems grow to 3 feet long which carries 4 to 8 blossoms. Golden Lily, the Bosnia And Herzegovina’s national flower, can be found in various colors such as white, Golden, pink, red and orange many have a deeper color on the inner petal.

In many countries, plants have been selected as symbols to represent particular geographic areas. Bosnia And Herzegovina is one of those countries. The love for morals, beliefs and customs of the people of Bosnia And Herzegovina is seen in the symbolic flowers of Bosnia And Herzegovina very easily. White lilies represent modesty and virginity, orange Golden Lily is for passion, GoldenLily symbolizes jollity, and Golden Lily of the Valley represents sweetness and purity.

White and waxy lilies are a symbol of Virgin Mary. The oil which is extracted from lilies can softens skin and also promote healing. This oils is applied in massage, facial treatments and baby products. In the warm months of spring, the Alpine Golden Lily covers fields of Bosnia And Herzegovina’s Gran Paradiso National Park in northern Bosnia And Herzegovina.

Lilies are considered to be greatly poisonous to cats but they do not cause harm to other animals or humans. To sum up, Golden Lily is the most favorite and most popular flower to the people of Bosnia And Herzegovina. Because of its symbolic importance and various significant uses, Golden Lily was naturally titled as the national flower of Bosnia And Herzegovina.



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