What Is The National Flower of Honduras?

What Is The National Flower of Honduras?

Orchid is the national flower of Honduras. The common name is Digby’sBeaked Laelia or Brassavoladigbyana. It is also known as “Orchid of the Virgin”, which are comes from the Orchidaceae family which sub-family is Epidendroideae. Rhyncholaeliais the genus and digbyanais the species of Honduras’s national flower.

Honduras is a country of rainforests rolling hills and also the land of Orchids or Brassavoladigbyana, which are the national flower of Honduras and also the national symbol of Honduras since 1969. But Roses were the prior national flower emblem and national symbol of Honduras and celebrated accordingly since 1946. The question arises whereas rose does not belong to the native of Honduras how it represents the country. At last, the National Congress decided to replace the rose and designate the Orchid as the National flower and as well as the national flower symbol of Honduras.

Usually, Honduras is known as the” Capital of flowers” throughout the country. A lot of attractive flowers are grown in Honduras including tropical varieties of color shade, fragrant and various species. Such as the cheerful Roses, Alpinia, Heliconia, and Bougainvillea which are vibrant in color. The Hibiscus those are sun-loving with various shades of color can be found all over the country.

Honduras’s National Flower Facts (Orchid)

  • Common Name:  Orchid, BrassavolaDigbyana, “Orchid of the Virgin”.
  • Genus:  Rhyncholaelia
  • Species:  Digbyana
  • Found in:  Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras.
  • Color:  Pale Green
  • Size:  up to seven inches
  • Number of petals:  5-100
  • Time of blooming:  All around the year
  • Purpose:  Ornamental, Aromatherapy
  • Symbolism:  Resilience and endurance

Orchid Description

The Orchid or Brassavola Digbyana is the national flower of Honduras and is also a beautiful symbol of the country. At the time when the flower was adopted as the national flower, the national congress set up some measures to protect and conserve the plant of orchid. They have control over the commercialization in the region where the native species of orchid grown.

Generally, it can grow nicely in the house i.e. homely atmosphere and temperature that means the temperature should be 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime and 58 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the nighttime. The particular type of orchid is bigger than the oriental orchid. , this type of orchid can provide up to seven-inch flowers, pale green, and quite fragrant especially at night.

The lip is really big and wide. The middle lobe spreads out like a fan. It is excellently speckled with pale green. Some jewelry brands in Honduras make necklaces, earrings, and brooches crafted by gold plating real orchids. The orchid is also used in aromatherapy.

It also signifies the emotion that also varies from country to country. Some examples are: in Japan, it is known as a symbol of wealth and nobility. In Chinese tradition, it shows as the symbol of refinement and innocence and also a symbol of many children. In England, it is the symbol of pure love and affection, also the symbol of rare & soft beauty, love, and friendliness.

The plant of Orchid increase humidity in the environment that can help to avoid the seasonal sickness like cough, throat aching, and skin dryness. It was found after the research on flu, the high percentage of humidity can decrease the spreading of flu.

To sum up, The National flower of Honduras, Orchid or BrassavolaDigbyanasymbolizes the national spirit, pride, and identity of Honduras.


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