What Is The National Flower of Kenya?

What Is The National Flower of Kenya?

The Tropical Orchid is the Unofficial National Flower of Kenya. It comes from the Orchidaceae family. Orchies is the genus of Kanya’s national flower. Kenya is a large exporting country tropical flower the world. Most probably around 250 + types of orchids with a variety of both color and texture are grown in Kenya and it has a minimum of 22000 species found all through the world, which made them the largest flower family in the world.

The Kenyan people use orchids for decoration purposes as well as medical purposes also. Kenya earns a large number of foreign currencies through exporting Tropical orchids every year. For that reason, the Tropical Orchid became the national flower of Kenya.

Facts About Kenya’s National Flower (Tropical Orchid)

  • Common Name: Tropical Orchid
  • Genus: Orchies
  • Found in: All over Kenya.
  • Color: Yellow-Pink
  • Size: 5-6 cm
  • Number of petals: 5-100
  • Time of blooming: All around the year
  • Purpose: Ornamental, Aromatherapy
  • Symbolism: It symbolizes Love, beauty, Fertility, Refinement, Delicacy, and Charm

Description And Size

The national flower of Kenya – Tropical Orchid is one of the populous varieties of the Orchid family. It is the most diverse group of plants. Now orchids are grown throughout the world in different colors and varieties in different habitats. The Orchid can grow nicely in the house i.e. homely atmosphere and temperature that means the temperature should be 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime and 58 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the nighttime.

The flowers are about five centimeters across and six centimeters tall. The petals of this flower are twisted around. The rear surface is forward-facing. The 2 petals and the top sepal are yellow-pink in color. The adjacent sepals are pale purple in color. The lip is really big and wide. The middle lobe spreads out like a fan. Most of the orchid plants originated from South East Asia, the tropical humid region of South America, Australia, and Patagonia. Naturally, tropical orchids are perennial epiphytes. The tropical orchid flourishing in warm humid environments, away from the direct sunlight by big widespread trees.

Some jewelry brands in Brazil make necklaces, earrings, and brooches crafted by gold plating real orchids. Because of the light and sweet fragrance, Tropical orchid is perfect for gifts and souvenirs. Orchid flowers have some special meaning in the express the right message and that message can be, Happy Birth Day, Thank you, Happy Anniversary, or Congratulation for promotion and it differs on the basis of flowers variety. It also signifies the emotion that also varies from country to country.


Some Examples Are: in Japan, it is known as a symbol of wealth and nobility. In Chinese tradition, it shows as the symbol of refinement and innocence and also a symbol of many children. In England, it is the symbol of pure love and affection, also the symbol of rare & soft beauty, love, and friendliness.
The plant of Tropical Orchid increase humidity in the environment that can help to avoid the seasonal sickness like cough, throat aching, and skin dryness.

To sum up, The National flower of Kenya, Tropical Orchid is a symbol of Love, beauty, Fertility, Refinement, Delicacy, and Charm also a symbol of the national spirit, pride, and identity of Kenya.


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