What is the State Flower of Idaho?

The Syringa or Philadelphus lewisii or Mock orange is the state flower of Idaho. Its scientific name is Philadelphus lewisii. It belongs to the Hydrangeaceae family. Philadelphus is the genus of the Syringa and its species is P. lewisii. The Syringa, it is a mystifying name that is generally refers to the unconnected lilacs. The Idaho’s state flower Philadelphus lewisii or Syringa is commonly known as Columbian mock orange, Gordon’s mock orange, Heartleaf mock orange, Heller’s mock orange, Lewis mock orange, Mock-orange, Idaho mock orange, Idaho wood mock orange, Piper’s mock orange, Summer mock orange, Swedish pondweed, Zeller’s mock orange. The Syringa is pungent fragrance, flowering shrub, which are native to the western United States, and Idaho and Montana
On the basis of this the state law maker of Idaho designated the Syringa or Philadelphus lewisii or Mock orange as the official state flower of Idaho in 1931.

State Flower of Idaho Facts:


The Idaho’s state flower is a flowering plant, which has been growing in between four and eight feet tall. The blossoms of Mock orange are growing in a clusters form at the end of branches. There are four to five waxy petals and numerous yellow stamens have each and every flower. Idaho’s state flower is recognized through its powerful, sweet fragrance. Evocative of the Orange Blossom, the aroma of Syringa acquired the wildflower with the nickname of “mock orange.”

Syringa plants have preferred to grow well in humid environment with moist to semi-moist soil, which found along streams, dry ravines, stony areas and canyons. Syringa is at its peak beside Idaho’s rivers as well as the Chinook salmon are migrating upstream. The Syringa or mock orange plant generated long stems. The stems are red in the beginning and gradually become fading to gray with the maturity. The bark of the stems are shredding in petite flakes. It leaves are positioning in opposite arrangement. It is generally oval shape, 3-5 cm in length with smooth edge. The sizes are differs in the individual species of plants. The leaves are light green color with an uneven texture. The fruit of the Syringa or mock orange is a small solid capsule with woody, sharp wings, having several brown seeds. It is hardy from USDA zones 3 to 9.

The Idaho’s state flower Syringa or Philadelphus lewisii are being used in various purpose by the Native American tribes. Its hard wood was very much potential for making hunting and fishing tools, snowshoes, pipes, and furniture. They have also make arrows bows, combs, tobacco pipes, cradles and netting shuttles by its stems. The tea and perfume, which are prepared by mock orange flowers, are favorites to the Native Americans.

It is an interesting fact that in the 1890s, Syringa was depicted on the Great Seal of the State of Idaho, growing at the feet of a female goddess. After a several years it represented Idaho in a floral exhibit at the 1893 World’s Exposition in Chicago.
The state flower of Idaho, USA is undoubtedly an eye-catching beauty that grows in plenty throughout the state. Because of its stunning gorgeousness and the frequent occurrence in nature in Idaho, it was a natural fit for the state to choose.





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