What is the State Flower of Kansas?

What is the State Flower of Kansas?

The Sunflower is the state flower of Kansas. It comes from Asteraceae family, Heliantheae tribe with the genus of Helianthus and anus is the species. It is scientifically known as Helianthus annus. When state bodies select a state symbol or State flower emblem for the state it should be represented extraordinary design, quality, expressions, cultural, traditional and religious background, which go back thousands of years or its popularities. The Sunflower has played and still playing an important role in Kansas’s cultural heritage and it is the most popular flower native to the throughout the state, which bears an extraordinary traditional background of Kansas. The state flowers of Kansas – Sunflower is the symbol of faith, loyalty, and respect. Its unique shape, the affection that the natives have towards this and last but not the least its abundance in Kansas made the Sunflower the state flower of Kansas.

Kansas’s State Flower Facts:

  • Common Name:  Wild Native Sunflower
  • Genus:  Helianthus
    Species annus
  • Found in:  All the States of America, Russia and now mostly all over the world.
  • Color:  Yellow, Orange, Meroon (also known as a brown/red) disc florets inside.
  • A number of petals:  More than thousand.
  • Time of blooming:  July to November.
  • Purpose:  Ornamental, Aromatherapy, Edible
  • Symbolism:  faith, loyalty, and respect

Kansas has comfortable climates that made the country of the floral wealthy with nearly thirty thousand species of flower plants. It can found plenty of flowers and herbs in Kansas’s forests, landscapes, fields, valleys, and mountains. The people of Malta give very much importance to the greeting exchange. So they never miss the opportunity to greet their relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbor on the eve, occasion and festival, like as birthday, marriage day, other anniversary, valentine days, New year’s day and Christmas day etc. with a bunch of flowers as described to express their emotions. The state flower of Kansas Sunflower is the symbol of the power of solar and also a symbol of fruitfulness, unity, and well-being. Nevertheless, it’s an eminent symbol of the motherland to the each and every Kansas’s. They believe ‘whereas the sunflower look towards the sun, a man should be in same thoughts look towards the country that means motherland. For everyone, the motherland is the treasure as like the sun for sunflower.

Kansas’s state flower – Sunflower is large in size, solitary bloom, which composed of yellow ray flowers and a central disk. The Central disk is composed with the various colors like yellow, brown, or purple flowers, which depends on the type of species.The sunflowers are grown well in the soil which is capable to holding plenty of water with well-drained and fertilizer. The roots of this flower grow in deep of the soil and widely spread, causing which it can stand frequently. It may disgrace if it is watering in between a month of flowering (i.e. not watering before and after 15 days of flowering). The plant’s sunflower are cultivated commercially in Sunflower farms for their seeds.

Sunflower-seed oil is edible and healthy; sunflowers have about 39 to 49% oil in the seed. Sunflower oil is generally well thought-out a premium quality oil because of its light color, high level of un drenched fatty acids and lack of linoleic acid, bland flavor and high smoke points. So it is preferred oil and the most commonly used.

To sum up, The State flower of Kansas, Sunflower at symbolizes the Love, Friendship, Liberty and state spirit, pride and identity of Kansas. It is also the state floral symbol of Kansas.


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