What is the State Flowers of New Jersey?

What is the State Flowers of New Jersey?

The Violet is the state flower of New Jersey. Its scientific name is Viola sororia. It belongs to Violaceae family. Viola is the genus of the violet flower and its species is Viola sororia. The New Jersey’s state flower Violet is commonly known as Viola sororia, also known as Viola papilionacea, common blue violet, common meadow violet, and purple violet. As a perennial flowering plant Viola sororia, it is native to the most of eastern North America. On the basis of the above, the state authority designated the Purple Violet or Violet as the New Jersey’s State Flower on January 21, as well as the state symbol of New Jersey. It is also the state flower of Rhode Island, Illinois, and Wisconsin

State Flower of New Jersey Facts:

  • Common Name:  Viola sororia, also known as Viola papilionacea, common blue violet, common meadow violet, and purple violet.
  • Genus:  Viola
  • Species:  Viola sororia
  • Found in:  native to the most of eastern North America
  • Color:  Medium to dark violet
  • Number of petals:  5
  • Period of blooming:  March to June
  • Purpose:  Ornamental
  • Symbolism:  Beauty and modesty of a young girl.

The New Jersey’s state flower Violet is an herbaceous perennial plant with the leaves and blossoms are budding directly from the bulbs, and outward appearance a basal decoration. It is a distinctive mature plant that maybe 6″ across and 4″ high, with the flowers somewhat higher than the leaves. The leaves are singly up to 3″ long and 3″ across without the long petioles. The leaves color of the violet plants mostly varies from yellowish green to dark green, which is depending on growing conditions. It is nearly in oval-ovate to orbicular-cordate in shape and create or dents along the margins. Some of the different populace of plants can vary of their leaves those are hairiness – from nearly glabrous to noticeably hairy or pubertal.

The New Jersey’s state flower Violet is about three fourth inch transversely and having 5 rounded petals. The arrangements of 5 petals are 2 upper and 2 lateral petals with white hairs or beards near the esophagus of the flower. The rest one is a lower order, which is functioning as landing terminals for visiting insects. The flowers of Viola sororia are medium to dark violet in color. The inner gullet of each flower is mostly white and from which is a little shady stratum emit outward along the petals predominantly the lower one. The Purple violet or violet flower has no conspicuous fragrance. The blooming period transpires from mid- to late spring, and stays about one to one and half months. During the summer, the self-pollinating flowers without petals generate seeds, which are hurling outward by perfunctory expulsion from the tri-parted seed capsules. The root system having of thick, horizontally branched of rhizomes; which has an affinity to creates vegetative camps.

The New Jersey is very common of natural habitats including open woodlands, woodland edges, savannas, and wooded slopes along rivers or lakes with moist and well balanced moisturizing climates. It can be found in lawns, city parks, moist waste areas, and along hedges or buildings. For well grown of the purple violet plant needed the soil enriches silt loam or clay loam with more than standard amounts of the organic substance. When the leaves are exposed to full sun under dry conditions the leaves have an affinity to turn yellowish green– it is a normal reaction and is not inevitably a warning of pitiable health. The violet plant is effortless to cultivate, and it will spread beneath encouraging situations.

The young leaves and flowers of violets are suitable for eating and can be added to salads in little amounts, which is tasteless.

To sum up, Violet or Viola sororia is the state flower of New Jersey that symbolizes faith, mystical awareness, the subconscious, inspiration, spiritual passion, profuseness, and sovereignty also the spirit of the state that makes it as the state flower of New Jersey.


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