Map of Corona City | Political, Geography And Road Map

Map of Corona City | Political, Geography And Road Map

The City of Corona is located in northwestern Riverside County, California, United States. It is 48 miles (77 kilometers) southeast of Downtown Los Angeles and 95 miles (153 kilometers) north-northwest of San Diego. Corona has a population of over 157,000 people and is known for its citrus industry, manufacturing sector, and growing tech industry.

Political Map of Corona City

Corona City prides itself on a progressive political system that promotes inclusivity, representation, and sustainable development. Governed by a council of elected officials, the city emphasizes community engagement and participatory decision-making.

Geography Map of Corona City

The geographical tapestry of Corona City is a work of art unto itself. Lush parks and botanical gardens are carefully woven into the urban fabric, offering residents and visitors alike a respite from the urban hustle. The city’s crowning jewel is the Crystal Lake Park, a shimmering oasis where locals gather to unwind, recreate, and immerse themselves in nature’s embrace.

Road Map of Corona City

The road system in Corona City is well-maintained and easy to navigate. The main roads in the city include Interstate 15, which runs north-south through the city, and State Route 91, which runs east-west through the city.

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