Map of Greeley City | Political, Geography And Road Map

Map of Greeley City | Political, Geography And Road Map

Greeley is a vibrant and welcoming city located in Weld County, Colorado. Nestled at the confluence of the Poudre and Cache la Poudre rivers, Greeley is known for its rich agricultural heritage, diverse culture, and commitment to sustainability. With a population of over 110,000, Greeley is the third-largest city in Weld County and the 14th-largest city in Colorado.

Political Map of Greeley

Greeley is governed by a council-manager form of government. The City Council is composed of seven members, who are elected by the residents of Greeley. The Council appoints a City Manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of the city government. The City Manager is responsible for implementing the policies set by the City Council.

Geography Map of Greeley

Greeley has a semi-arid climate, with hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters. The average high temperature in July is 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low temperature in January is 16 degrees Fahrenheit. Greeley receives an average of 14 inches of precipitation per year, including 28 inches of snow.

The city is located on the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, at an elevation of 4,514 feet above sea level. The surrounding area is mostly flat, with some rolling hills and mountains in the distance. The Poudre River and the Cache la Poudre River flow through Greeley, and the city is home to several parks and open spaces.

Road Map of Greeley

Greeley is served by a well-developed transportation system. The city has a network of roads and highways, including Interstate 25 and U.S. Highway 85. Greeley is also served by the Greeley-Weld County Airport, which offers commercial and general aviation services. The city has a public transit system, the Greeley-Weld Transit District, which provides bus service throughout the city and to nearby communities.

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