National Flag Of Guyana

National Flag Of Guyana

The Flag Of Guyana which is known as “The Golden Arrowhead” Was adopted on May 26 May 1966. Guyana gained its first national flag after it became independent from the British Empire following the second world war. The National Flag Of Guyana has a very unique design. The Guyana flag features of a green field with the black-edged red isosceles triangle based on the hoist-side superimposed on the larger white-edged golden triangle, also based on the hoist-side, pointed toward the fly-side. Guyana National Flag Was designed by Whitney Smith who was an American vexillologist.


Meaning Of The Flag

Each color in the Guyanese flag has symbolic value. The greenfield on the National Flag Of Guyana represents the nation’s agriculture and its vast forests. The red triangle represents dynamic action and the zeal of the citizenry, while the black triangle represents the nation’s endurance. The gold portion of the Flag Of Guyana represents the nation’s mineral wealth, while the white stands for the country’s rivers and waterways.


History of the Flag

The original Guyana National Flag was a British Blue Ensign featuring the colonial badge of Guyana. This flag was used in 1875 through the early 1900s before it was modified twice; once in 1906 and again in 1955. Once Guyana gained its independence from the United Kingdom, a new Flag Of Guyana was adopted. The flag was first adopted on May 26, 1966, and the design of this flag has remained unchanged.


Some Information About Flag:

In Which Year, The National Flag is Adopted?
Ans: May 26 May 1966

What Are The Colours of The Flag?
Ans: Red, Green, Yellow, Black, White

Who Is The Designer of The Flag?
Ans: Whitney Smith

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