What Is The National Flower of Guyana?

What Is The National Flower of Guyana?

Victoria Regia is the national flower of Guyana. Its scientific name is Victoria Amazonica. It belongs to Nymphaeaceae family and it is genus of Victoria. At first the name of Guyana’s national flower was Victoria Amazonica.Commonly known as water lily, which is an aquatic type flower.The Victoria Regia or Victoria Amazonica is the ever biggest of all the water Lily throughout the world. It also called Giant water lily due to its size.

Astonishingly it can reach up to 10 inches (25 cm). Leaf can be 8 feet in diameter. Soon after gaining the liberation, the then government of Guyana selected the Victoria Regiaor giant water lily as the Natitonal flower of Guyana. It is native to the Amazon and adjacent South American areas mostly found in shallow water basin of Amazon river and river banks.

It also known as the Amazon water lily, royal water lily, Amazon water-platter and the giant water lily. This lily was named in honor of Queen Victoria. Another type of water lily is the State flower of Andhra and national flower of SriLanka and Bangladesh.

Facts about National flower of Guyana [Victoria Regia]

  • Common Name:  Victoria Regia or Victoria Amazonica
  • Genus:  Victoria
  • Species:  Amazonica
  • Found in:  Guyana and Tropical South America
  • Color:  White, Pink, Red, Blue and yellow
  • Number of petals:  above hundred
  • Number of Sepals:  above hundred
  • Time of blooming:  July to August.
  • Purpose:  Decoration, Food and herbal value
  • Symbolism:  Purity of soul and unity

The Victoria Regia or Amazon water lily is the national flower symbol of the Guyana’speople. They suppose that the white water lily purify their soul and united them all as petals of water lily. The water lily rooted in the soil under water of natural big ponds lakes canals and bank of the river with shallow water level. The leaves of Victoria Regina are about 8feet diameter surrounded by two to four inch ridge on the leaf. The leaves color is yellow-green. It underside is prickly with copper color.It blooms round the year mostly by the monthof July to August.The Victoria Regia or water lily of Amazon, flourishing in the end of the day or early evening and close within early noon, so it is call night blooming flower.

The water  lily is a short living flower and it bloom only for three days. Interestingly its color changed day to day such as: first day start blooming with creamy white shade, day second the shade became pink-white and third or last day it became gorgeous by purplish Red color. The stalk of both the flowers and leaves are as long as the level of water where they grown.

The people of some Asian country used the stalk of the water lily as their food menu. It is very useful health. The leaves of water lily provide shade to the aquatic creature for safe from Sun. All the water lily has great health values.It helps to regulate the heart rating that is more effecting to keep heart in correct mode. Water lily flower are being used in therapeutic as it controlled the irritability of myocardium, which may cause to increase flow of oxygen as required to proper heart function.

The essential of the lily flower is being used in aromatherapy that is very effective to reducing depression and grow the feeling of modesty and happiness. The essential oil of the lily flower is also an important component in the perfume industry. It also has therapeutic use in burn treatment. It prevents the formation of burnt tissue. Lily is also use in herbal treatment for remedies of conjunctivitis, leprosy, strokes and angina problems.





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