National Flag Of Kyrgyzstan

National Flag Of Kyrgyzstan

The Modern Flag Of Kyrgyzstan was adopted on March 3, 1992, just over seven months after the country’s independence was declared. The modern Kyrgyzstan flag was adopted to replace the flag of the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) and the beginning of the nation’s independence in the modern era. The National Flag Of Kyrgyzstan was designed to reflect the traditional culture of Kyrgyzstan in order to make sure that it can fully represent the nation and its citizens.


Design Of The Flag

The Kyrgyzstan National Flag is made up of a red area with a yellow sun positioned at its center. The sun has forty regularly distanced rays. In the center of the sun is a ring crisscrossed with three lines. The circle of the sun is a formalized depiction of the tündük. The tündük is the wooden crown or pinnacle of a yurt. The yurt is a traditional movable dwelling of the nomadic clans who occupied the steppes of Central Asia.

The background and design of the Flag Of Kyrgyzstan are closely tied into Kyrgyz history and the epic of Manas. Manas is one of the heroes of Kyrgyz history. About 800 years ago, Manas is said to have united 40 tribes form the Kyrgyz nation for fighting against the Mongol empire. In fact, the word “Kyrgyz” is often said to derive from words meaning “40 tribes.”


Meaning Of The Flag

The red color of the banner symbolizes valor and courage. This color was also on the banner of Manas, the hero of the famous Kyrgyz epic. In addition, The symbol behind the red color of the National Flag Of Kyrgyzstan is for bravery and valor while the signification of the sun means peace and wealth. The forty rays of the sun signify the forty tribes who united against the Uyghurs in 840 AD and succeeded in ending the Uighur Empire.

The center of the sun features a stylized illustration of the roof (tunduk) atop a traditional Kyrgyz tent (yurt) when viewed from the interior. its incorporation into the Flag Of Kyrgyzstan is meant to symbolize the “origin of life”, the “unity of time and space”, as well as the people’s “hearth and home” and their history.


History Of The Flag

The first Kyrgyzstan flag represented the nation while it was part of the Soviet Union. It had a dark red field that was divided into three horizontal stripes. When the Soviet Union collapsed at the end of the 20th century. Kyrgyzstan became an independent nation at that point, and the government selected a new Flag Of Kyrgyzstan to represent the newly-independent country.


Some Information About Flag:

In Which Year, The National Flag is Adopted?
Ans: On March 3, 1992

What Are The Colours of The Flag?
Ans: Yellow And Red

What Do The Colours of The Flag Means?
Ans: The red color of the banner symbolizes valor and courage.

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