Political Map of the United States With Major Rivers

Political Map of the United States With Major Rivers

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A Political Map is a map that shows the political boundaries of that particular area. A Political Map shows the borders of things like countries and states, along with cities and capitals. Political Maps are designed to show governmental boundaries of countries, states, and counties, the location of major cities, and they usually include significant bodies of water.

Political divisions of the United States are the various recognized governing entities that together form the United States – states, the District of Columbia, territories, and Indian reservations. The primary or first-level political division of the United States is the state.

The United States shares international land borders with two nations: The Canada–United States border to the north of the Contiguous United States and to the east of Alaska. The Mexico–United States border to the south.

This is a very clean and clear Political Map of the United States With Major Rivers. The USA has over 250,000 rivers. The longest river in the USA is the Missouri River; it is a tributary of the Mississippi River and is 2,540 miles long. But the biggest in terms of water volume is the deeper Mississippi River.

The Major Rivers of the USA are:

  • Colorado river
  • Salmon River
  • Arkansas River
  • Gila River
  • Red River
  • Tennessee River
  • Minnesota River
  • Snake River