State Capital Of Pennsylvania

State Capital Of Pennsylvania

Harrisburg Is The Official State Capital Of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg is located on the east bank of the Susquehanna River in the southeastern part of Pennsylvania, about 80 mi (130 km) north of Baltimore, and 107 mi (172 km) west of Philadelphia PA. Harrisburg has been the National Capital of Pennsylvania since 1812. The site was settled by John Harris and the date is not settled but was probably around 1715 to 1718. John Harris died in December 1740. His second son, also John Harris, is considered to be the actual founder of Pennsylvania State Capital Harrisburg. John Harris provided Harrisburg’s name.

The Name of Harrisburg was changed to Louisbourg later in the same year, in honor of the king of France. But after some time Harrisburg’s name was restored in 1791. In 1812, Harrisburg replaced Philadelphia as the Pennsylvania State Capital. Temporary accommodations were used until 1819 when Governor William Findlay laid the cornerstone of a new capitol building Of Pennsylvania. That two-story brick building served until February 12, 1897, when it was completely destroyed by fire. Harrisburg was chartered as a city in 1860.

During the Civil War, Camp Curtin, the first camp for Union soldiers, was established near the National Capital of Pennsylvania Harrisburg. The Harrisburg city began its existence as a trading post in 1719. Today the core city of Harrisburg has a population of about 49,200 inhabitants, in the Harrisburg–Carlisle metropolitan area live about 565,000 people (in 2018). The Pennsylvania State Capital is a regional center for trade, warehousing, and distribution. Largest employers are the state government, the US Federal government, Giant Food Stores, the Penn State Hershey Medical Center, and Hershey Entertainment and Resorts.


Why is Harrisburg the Capital of Pennsylvania?

The geographic factors led to Harrisburg becoming the capital of Pennsylvania. In the minds of politicians and policymakers, it made sense for the State Capital Of Pennsylvania to be located as close to the center of the state as possible, allowing the easiest access from all areas. There were no planes or cars in those days, so transportation to and from a capital always needed to be a consideration.


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Country:  United States

State:  Pennsylvania

County: Dauphin

European Settlement: About 1719

Incorporated: 1791

Charter: March 19, 1860

Founded by: John Harris, Sr.

Named for: John Harris, Sr.


  • Type: Mayor-Council
  • Mayor: Eric Papenfuse (D)
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