State Dance Of Wisconsin

State Dance Of Wisconsin

Polka Dance Is The Official State Dance Of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Adopted the polka dance as the official Wisconsin State Dance in 1993 as a symbol of the state’s rich German heritage. The State Dance bill was introduced at the request of a second-grade class from Charles Lindbergh Elementary School in Madison. The State Dance Of Wisconsin Bill Was Supported by several groups, including the Wisconsin Polka Boosters, Inc., and the Wisconsin Folk Museum. Supporters documented the polka heritage of Wisconsin and provided evidence that the polka Dance is deeply ingrained in Wisconsin history, culture, and traditions.


History of Polka Dance

Wisconsin State Dance Polka is defined as a vivacious couple dance of Bohemian origin in duple time; it was a basic pattern of hop-step-close-step; a lively Bohemian dance tune in 2/4 time. The origin of the polka dance has been the subject of several historical studies, but everyone concurs that ever since this dance exited the territories of Eastern Europe in 1st half of 19th century, it immediately became very popular music genre in central and western Europe, and after World War II, a popular music genre in the United States.


The Moves

The State Dance Of Wisconsin Polka’s basic step is a continuous series of step-close-step “triple steps.” Some people liken the basic movement to “galloping.” Like the two-step and Viennese waltz, the State Dance polka is a fast traveling dance that is generally danced around the perimeter of a large dance floor.


Wisconsin Law

The law about the designating polka as the official Wisconsin state dance is found in the Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 1, Section 1.10(2).

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