What is the Wisconsin State Bird?

The mourning dove is the state bird of Wisconsin. Wisconsin titled the attractive mourning dove as the official state symbol of peace in 1971. Mourning doves make soft, coo-ing songs that sound like weeping. The scientific name of mourning dove Zenaida macroura. Mourning doves prefer to live in open country, scattered trees and woodland edges. They eat mostly seeds. The male dove weighs 96 g to 170 g and the female dove weighs 86 g to 156 g. The average lengh of the mourning dove is 28 cm. It lives around 2 years.

State Bird of Wisconsin Facts —

  • Common name:  Mourning dove
  • Scientific name:  Zenaidamacroura
  • Habitat:  Open country, scattered trees and woodland edges
  • Diet:  Mostly seeds.
  • Song and Calls:  a soft coo-coo followed by two or three louder coos. Males give a three parted nest call while building nest sounding like coo-OO-oo.
  • Weight:  96-170 g (male), 86-156 g (female)
  • Length:  23-34 cm
  • Wingspan:  45 cm
  • Average lifespan:  about 2 years
  • Incubation period:  14 days

Three Mourning Doves are usually seen flying one after another during the breeding seasonin constricted formation. This is a custom of social demonstration. Usually the chief bird is the male of a pair. The second bird is an unmated male pursuing his competitor from the zone where he expects to nest. The third one is the female of the coupled pair.Sheis appeared to go along with the first 2 for a trip.Mourning Doves eat approximately 12-20 percent of their own body weight everyday day, or seventy-one calories on average. Wisconsin’s state bird,Mourning Doves have a habit of feedingvigorously on the earth, taking seeds and storing them in an expansion of the gullet called the crop. Once they havepacked it, they can fly to a safe roost to digest the food.

Mourning Doves survive in the desert mainly because they can drink salty spring water without becoming dried out the way humans would. The Mourning Dove is the most well-known and plentiful game bird in North America. Every year hunters yield more than 20 million, nonetheless the Mourning Dove stays one of the most profuse birds of U.S. Its average lifespan is about 2 years. The oldest known Mourning Dove was a malewhich was 30 years, 4 months old.Mourning doves are committed to their partners. Some of these dove pairs keep on as being couples through the winter. After finding a companion, the male dove initiates the nest construction in the selected site. Nest building takes over ten hours and covers a duration of 3-4 days.

Two small white eggs are normally laid in an open nest by the female. The incubation process lasts 14-15 days. Both the male and the female share the job of incubation and the nourishing of the babies. Mourning doves have the lengthiestupbringing season of all North American birds. They can habitually have three offspring in one season.The monogamous mating and the extensive migration designs are the 2 most studied characteristics of the mourning dove. Migration initiates in the breeding grounds and lingers to the southern areas where the doves moves to escape the tough winter months.

During relocation the birds fly over 1000 of miles through antagonisticsetting to reach their winter relaxingplace.Their long sharp tail is unique for adults, although black markings on coverts and pale color help differentiate it from White-winged and White-tipped Doves. Youthful is easily jumbled with Common Ground-Dove and Inca Dove.

The law which has designated the mourning dove as the official Wisconsin state symbol of peace is found in the Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 1, Section 1.10(3)(a)





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