State Flower Of Wisconsin

State Flower Of Wisconsin

Wood Violet Is The State Flower Of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Adopted the diminutive and delicate wood violet as the official Wisconsin State Flower on Arbor Day in 1909, chosen by Wisconsin’s school children in 1908 to represent Wisconsin’s scenic beauty. State Flower wood violet is a small commonly seen flower in meadows areas, along roadsides. The Wood violets are very popular in the eastern United States.

The State Flower Of Wisconsin wood violet flowering plant emerges directly from the rhizomes and forming a basal rosette. State Flower Wood violet flowers are irregular in shape. Wisconsin State Flower Wood violet flowers are Deep blue/purple or violet sometimes almost white with blue markings. Wood violet flowers have side petals having beards or tuffs near the center of the flower. There are 5 petals of Wood violet in which lower one is longer and spurred, and the 2 petals having fine hairs. The flower grows on its own stem. There are also special Wood violet flowers that stay near the ground and do not open, but they still produce seeds. The blooming season is early spring and continues into early fall.







Common meadow violet, purple violet, woolly blue-violet, hooded violet



Duration: Perennial

Plant: Rosette of smooth, scalloped-edged leaves; thin, straight, unbranched stems

Mature Height: 4 in (10 cm)

Flowering: March through June

Flowers: .75 in (2 cm) wide, 5 petals, yellow or white freckled center

Flower Color: Purple

Leaves: 1.2 in (3 cm wide), heart-shaped, mid-green, deeply veined

Fruit/Seed Color: Brown



Location: Any partly shaded, slightly moist location.

Range: Eastern and the central U.S. and into Canada, westward through North Dakota and south through Texas.


Facts About Wood Violet:

  • Each heart-shaped leaf of the wood violet plant is bluntly toothed and born on a long stem.
  • The leaves of the wood violet plant contain vitamins A and C.
  • The Wood violet root system consists of thick, horizontally branched rhizomes for the formation of vegetative colonies.
  • The State Flower Of Wisconsin Wood violet flowers is more often used in candies and jellies.
  • The Wisconsin State Flower Wood violet plant is smooth, having flowers and leaves on separate stalks.
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