What is the National Animal of Australia?

What is the National Animal of Australia?

The Red Kangaroo is the National Animal of Australia. Macropusrufus is the scientific name of The Red Kangaroo. National symbols are used to indicate what is unique about the nation, dazzling different aspects of its cultural life, the interest of people, and history. The red Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia because it is distinctive and only native to Australia.

Red Kangaroo Facts

  • Common Name:  Red Kangaroo
  • Scientific Name:  Macropusrufus
  • Color:  Red-brown, Blue-grey
  • Male head-body length:  130 – 160 cm
  • Female head-body length:  85 – 105 cm
  • Male tail length:  100 – 120 cm
  • Female tail length:  65 – 85 cm
  • Male weight:  up to 90 kg
  • Female weight:  up to 40 kg
  • Diet:  Grass
  • Cubs:  1 at a time
  • Major strength:  Strong legs
  • Major weakness:  None
  • Lifespan:  23 years

The national animal of Australia is the world’s well-known red kangaroo, which is the biggest marsupial and the principal Australian mammal, with some males standing at 2meters tall, and weighing around 85 kilograms. Males are larger than females and are very strongly built. The fur is typically red-brown, though some eastern females can be blue-grey. A white stripe goes along the cheek. Red kangaroos have huge muscles in their back legs, intended to help them jump. They can reach a height of 1.8 meters and a distance of 9 meters in a single leap.

When startled they can fly away at speeds of up to 64 kilometers per hour. The Red Kangaroo breeds all through the year, however, spring and summer be inclined to be pick times for giving birth, also have the exclusive aptitude to giving birth as delay as their baby has left the pouch, which is called emergent diapauses. Females have given birth to a single baby at a time after a gestation period of 33 days.

National Animal of Australia

Australian national animal, the red kangaroo is available across central Australia in all states and territories except Tasmania. It favors semi-arid plains, grasslands, woodlands, and open forests. While some live without help, most are found in groups or ‘mobs’ of about 10 kangaroos. At the time of droughts, this mob can amount in the thousands, when the kangaroos assemble at a food source.

Most kangaroos have a home choice of 8 kilometers but this distance will upsurge during drought. They eat grasses, and infrequently shrubs. If it eats green plants it is totally able to go without water for a long time. This is very interesting. There are no major threats to Australia’s national animal, the red kangaroo. Red kangaroos live up to 23 years and are mature at two years.

The national animal of Australia, the Red kangaroo has been playing a vital role in the Australian economy. The government put a limit of 1,611,216 for the number of red kangaroos available for commercial use. This Legislation was made in 2009. Through the Kangaroo industry, they earn worth about A$ 270 million per year and employ over 4000 people. The kangaroo’s meats are being used for both humans and pet food. Kangaroo meat is very lean with only about 2% fat.


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