What is the National Bird of Bahrain?

What is the National Bird of Bahrain?

The National Bird of Bahrain is Bulbul. This songbird, the Himalayan Bulbul is a species from the Pycnonotidae family. They can be very social if they remain to be around humans from their childhood age. The bulbul is a garden ao park bird but they can seem on the mountain are also.

Bahrain’s national bird, the White-Cheeked Bulbul is so common in the western part of the Island and also in the Indian subcontinent area. The Beautiful bulbul which has a beautiful song of about 7 separate notes is considered the national animal of Bahrain.

While you’ve got the answer to the question: “What is the national bird of Bahrain?” definitely you’ve more questions about this interesting bird. Before answering those common questions, we’ll represent some basic facts about Bulbul.

Facts about Bahrain National Bird

  • Common Name: Himalayan Bulbul
  • Scientific name: Pycnonotusleucogenys
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class:  Aves
  • Order: Passeriformes
  • Family: Pycnonotidae
  • Genus: Pycnonotus
  • Species: P. leucogenys
  • Found in: India, Iraq, Kuwait, and Bahrain
  • Habitat: gardens and date farms
  • Diet: fruit, seeds, and invertebrates
  • Average Length: 18 cm
  • Average Weight: 30 gm
  • Lifespan:  15-30 years
  • Speed: 50 km/h


The greyish brown Himalayan Bulbul has conspicuous white cheeks which contrast with the entirely black hood. Its head and throat are black in color, with a bold white blaze below the eye, over cheeks, and on the sides of the neck. The upper body is dull grey with darker flight feathers and a black-brown tail whose feathers show terminal white spots. The chest is pale dusky-brown. Eyes are red-brown, with narrow yellow eye-ring. It has a black bill and legs. Both sexes are similar. The juvenile has a duller, browner head than an adult.

The Himalayan Bulbul, Bahrain national bird is an energetic and noisy bird. And they can sing their alarm-type phrase “oo-toodle-oo” which is liquid, bubbly, chattering, seemingly and they can sing in 7 different voices. Their eyes are red-brown, with narrow yellow eye-ring. It has a black bill and legs. Both sexes are similar. The juvenile has a duller, browner head than the adult.

Bahrain national bird Himalayan Bulbul lives in subtropical areas. They love warm dry areas from coastal mangroves to 2000 meters. Himalayan Bulbul catches insects on the ground. It also hawks flying insects. Himalayan Bulbul has an agile flight to chase insects from perches. Himalayan bulbs ’ nest is located in a low bush, or sometimes, in branches of a low tree. This beautiful creature is considered the national bird symbol of Bahrain.


  • Q: Bahrain national bird?
    A: The Himalayan Bulbulis are considered the national bird of Bahrain.
  • Q: National bird of Bahrain?
    A: The national bird of Bahrain, the White-Cheeked Himalayan Bulbul is a garden and park bird.
  • Q: National bird symbol of Bahrain
    A: National bird of Bahrain the bulbul parents feed the offspring. The age of the first flight of the offspring is not known.
  • Q: Which is the national bird of Bahrain?
    A: The national bird of Bahrain, bulbul may be classified as a crop pest in some regions where it damages the crops of small fruits.

✅Are Flamingos Native to Bahrain?

Phoenicopterus roseus (Greater Flamingos are native to Bahrain) in Al-Areen Wildlife Park, Bahrain. The “White-Cheeked Bulbul” who sings beautifully with 7 different notes, is Bahrain National Bird.

✅What Wildlife is in Bahrain?

Only 18 species of mammals are found in Bahrain, animals such as gazelles, desert rabbits, and hedgehogs are common in the wild.


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